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After his apology, Janus del Prado throws another shade to Gerald Anderson!

LionhearTVAugust 23, 2021

Janus del Prado throws another shade at Gerald Anderson after the latter asked for forgiveness from Bea Alonzo.

On Init Conversations, an online show, Anderson announced he was hoping his ex-girlfriend Alonzo would forgive him.

“I really pray, I really hope she will find it in her heart to forgive what happened, forgive me. Naghu-hope lang ako,” Anderson apologized.

Alonzo has yet to reveal her reaction and comment on Anderson’s apology.

Via Instagram, Prado posted a photo message containing a subtle shade towards Anderson’s recent public apology.

The photo contains the following cryptic message saying that Anderson is apologizing is because of his new show:

“May bagong show ata kaya nagso-sorry kay B. Sa amin nila Direk at OMC team di ka magsososrry at pinag away-away mo kami para lang pagtakpan yung kalokohan mo sa set? Bekenemen.”

Prado posted another photo message that shows a warning of not letting the same flame burn you twice and being cautious of the people you consider as friends:

“Never allow anyone back in your life that has tried to destroy you in the past, even if they say they’ve changed. Remember, a snake only sheds its skin just to become a larger snake.”

In the heated situation, Prado used an analogy of a snake changing its skin to prey on another victim.

Prado and Alonzo are close friends in real life. Their friendship started when the two had worked together in a few blockbuster films, such as One More Chance (2007), Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)’, and A Second Chance (2015).

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