‘Concerned bigla?’ DDS propagandists try to paint PNoy ‘alone’ at his death


July 4, 2021

Some DDS propagandists tried to paint former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III ���alone’ when he faced his death. This matter became a concern and generated debates on social media.

Aquino died on June 24, 2021, due to renal disease secondary to diabetes.

Even after his death, Aquino’s name is still tainted with various criticisms online.

In her Facebook page, Sass Rogando Sasot, a diehard Duterte supporter, questioned why there was no attending nurse by Aquino’s side given his critical condition. The political blogger concluded that the former president was neglected despite the riches of the Aquino family.

“With all the money and influence, he had no attending nurse who could have checked his vitals…No one thought of giving him that service, given his critical condition? Eh ang yayaman ninyo? #Pinabayaan” Sasot wrote.

Two of the known Duterte critics Jai Cabajar and Jim Paredes reacted to her claim.

Cabajar, a doctor and Twitter personality clapped back at her and said, “Dami mong hanash sa private citizen pero pag pinabayaan ng puon mo yung mga kababayan mo, tumatambling ka na parang palaka.”

Meanwhile, Paredes assumed that Sasot is just trying to get in the scene and pretending to be concerned about Aquino.

Paredes said, “Sass is suddenly ‘concerned’? O gusto pang pumapel?”

In hopes to stop the spread of the issue, a netizen named Argee Gallardo decided to react to an article titled “Was PNoy left to die?” which was shared multiple times on social media.

In his post, the netizen assured that Aquino was taken care of by his maids and drivers. He also said that the family did not yet disclose the whole story for they are still grieving.

He added, “Also this pandemic complicated the arrangement. Di basta basta maka visit. There are people who go to his house pero di pwede lalapit. PNoy was a selfless man. Yes he can have a full medical team at his residence but he would rather let the doctors and nurses take care of thousands of Filipinos who are suffering from COVID and other diseases than just take care of him alone.”

His post was shared by PinoyAkoBlog with the caption, “Sagot sa mga copy paste brigade na “Was PNoy left to die?” Isaksak niyo to sa baga nyo.”

Aquino’s long-time househelp Yolly Yebes detailed some of her last moments with the former president.

“Kinabahan ako… Pumasok po ako sa kwarto niya… Sabi ko ‘Sir, Sir’. Eh, ‘di na po siya kumikibo. Parang nag-ano na po yung katawan ko, parang iba. Lumabas po ako, tinawag ko po ang nurse. ‘Yung nurse na ang nagpunta sa kwarto. Parang iba ang tignin ko kay, Sir, pero nasa La-Z-Boy pa rin po siya,” she recalled in an interview.

She described him as a very kind person adding that he was not the type to order people around. Yebes was saddened by Aquino’s death saying that she treats him like family.

She said, “Ang sakit po kasi parang siya na po ang pamilya ko. Magmula po nung pandemic, hindi po ako umuwi sa amin. ‘Yung inaala ko po, baka mahawahan siya.”

Former senator Mar Roxas divulged that  Aquino’s heart broke when Filipinos threw various accusations at him yet he never holds bitterness in his heart. Aquino didn’t lose his faith in the people said, Roxas.

“PNoy never exhibited any bitterness. Iba yung bitter, iba yung hurt ha. To be hurt is human, to be disappointed is human. Sino ba namang may gusto na may sasabihing mali tungkol sayo. Hinihiwalay pa rin naman niya yung paninira o kasinungalingan mula sa political operatives. Hiwalay yun doon sa tao. Ang tao naman is fair eh. He never lost faith in the people.”


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