Globe 5G traffic increases 24x in February

YugatechMarch 10, 2021

Globe has revealed an increase in its 5G traffic of up 24 times to 416.76 TB in February 2021 from September 2020.

Globe is a pioneer in 5G technology in the country. It was recognized as the first mobile operator in Southeast Asia to launch 5G AirFiber for Home use in 2019 commercially. Moreover, the telco launched its 5G for mobile in 2020.

According to Globe, its 5G’s speeds and almost real-time latency deliver new experiences in retail, entertainment, gaming, and healthcare in more 5G-powered areas. Globe also mentioned that continuous expansion is being done in key areas in the country directed by the public’s demand for better connectivity. The telco proceeds to expand its 5G network, now covering 82% of Metro Manila.

The Philippines led the rest of the world in improvements in 5G technology compared to 4G when it comes to Video Experience, with a 40% score in Opensignal’s latest insight analysis report. The country surpassed Thailand, which placed second to the Philippines, posting a 29% boost, while Hong Kong showed an improvement of 14%. The country has also passed countries, including Australia and Hong Kong, ranking second in 5G Download Speed Improvement with 10.1 times increase versus 4G at 117.2 Mbps.

“For 5G to be relevant to mainstream mobile users, the latest mobile technology must offer an excellent and superior mobile network experience. In this analysis, we quantify just how good the 5G experience can be,” said Ian Fogg, Opensignal Lead Analyst.

Globe’s 5G coverage is now in 960 locations in the National Capital Region and 240 areas in Visayas and Mindanao as of February 19, 2021.

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