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Despite franchise-less, Sen. Nancy Binay, netizens laud ABS-CBN for its relentless typhoon coverage

DailypediaSeptember 29, 2022

The Senator and netizens took to Twitter to thank ABS-CBN for its commitment to public service amid Super Typhoon Karding’s onslaught.

Like the past disastrous typhoons in the past two years, Super Typhoon Karding (internationally called ‘Noru’) made many Filipinos wish ABS-CBN still had its broadcast franchise. 

Known for its ‘in the service of the Filipino’ tagline, ABS-CBN affirms its commitment to public service by delivering correct, timely, and life-saving news to the Filipino people, even though it no longer operates with a free TV license. The media giant was forced to shutdown in 2020 after its broadcast franchise lapsed on May 4, 2020.

But as many Kapamilyas might have already understood, ABS-CBN anchor Alvin Elchio re-affirmed that commitment on September 25, during TeleRadyo’s special coverage of Karding.

Nasa DNA na po namin (it’s in our DNA),” he said, referring to the company’s commitment to continue coverage on disasters.

May prangkisa man o wala, nandyaan ang ABS-CBN (with or without a franchise, ABS-CBN will be there),”

Teleradyo was among the very few news channels that closely monitored the movement of the super typhoon via a special coverage. ABS-CBN notably deployed live correspondents in areas where Karding expected to land and unleash its wrath.

On Twitter, netizens expressed gratitude to ABS-CBN for keeping its mantra alive, even amid various attempts to further cipple the network and keep the it from securing a fresh legislative franchise.

Sol noticed no other news channels were doing a full coverage of the typhoon during the height of its onslaught. “So i scanned through cable and free channels, and guess what. Only Teleradyo is having a full coverage of this super typhoon. 

“Let’s not even talk about our government tv,” his tweet reads.

“Limitado ang reach pero ginagawa ang lahat to serve the Filipino people”, tweeted @AltStarMagic .

“We are watching Teleradyo for updates, yes ABS CBN lang ang alive and kicking na media outlet,” shared Micai.

“Hats off to TELERADYO, informative and real-time updates yung binigay nila all throughout the Special coverage for Bagyong #Karding!

They made it happen even if wala silang prangkisa 🙂 legit na “In the Service of the Filipino,”” commended Ju, who remembered ABS-CBN mantra of public service.

Even the good senator Nany Binay, sent her regards to Kapamilya anchors, Alvin Elchico and Doris Bigornia, for manning TeleRadyo’s comprehensive coverage of the super typhoon.

“May prankisa man o wala; mapa baha o bagyo tuloy tuloy pa rin ang serbisyo sa publiko

Maraming salamat.

“(With or without a franchise, may it be flooding or typhoon, your public service just does not stop. Thank you for that)”, she told ABS-CBN in a tweet.

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