DDS Larry Gadon gets the ire of netizens after claiming PNoy has HIV

LionhearTVJune 24, 2021

Infamous DDS lawyer Atty. Larry Gadon has again earned the ire of netizens after saying that former President Noynoy Aquino died from HIV.

On early Thursday morning, social media was shocked by the news of former President PNoy’s untimely passing.

And just a few hours after the news broke out, DDS lawyer Larry Gadon proudly claimed that PNoy’s death was caused by HIV.

During Thursday’s episode of the radio program Karambola, Gadon made a pronouncement that PNoy died of complications from HIV.

“Pero may HIV sya, kaya yun hindi gumaling.”

Gadon was then asked by his co-host if it is confirmed that PNoy died of HIV and Gadon stood by his statement saying it came from his friend who knew PNoy very well.

“Oo, according to my friend, na kilalang kilala [sya]”

The video clip of Gadon’s statement then made rounds on social media with the majority of netizens slamming Gadon for his malicious claims.

Most of them also slammed Gadon for violating RA11166 with regards to the disclosure of a person’s actual or perceived HIV status.

According to RA 11166, Section 44b, “It shall be unlawful for any editor, publisher, reporter or columnist, in case of printed materials, or any announcer or producer in case of television and radio broadcasting, or any producer or director of films in case of the movie industry, or any other individual or organization in case of social media, to disclose the name, picture, or any information that would reasonably identify persons living with HIV and AIDS, or any confidential HIV and AIDS information, without the prior written consent of their subjects except when the persons waive said confidentiality through their own acts and omissions under Section 4(a) of Republic Act No. 10175, Otherwise known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” and Section 25 of Republic Act No. 10173, “Data Privacy Act of 2012″.”

Network to Stop AIDS-Philippines, in their Facebook post, also called out Gadon for his clear violation of the law.

Same with LoveYourself Inc which tweeted about the law protecting individuals against disclosure of their HIV status in public.

That’s why many netizens are calling for the filing of a disbarment case against the infamous DDS lawyer.

They called on the Integrated Bar of the Philipines and the Philippine National AIDS Council to take action against Gadon’s utter disrespect and clear violation of the law.

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