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Chai Fonacier addressed critics of her accent in ‘Nacebo;’ netizens defend the Cebuano actress

LionhearTVOctober 7, 2022

Filipino actress Chai Fonacier addressed criticisms of her thick Filipino accent in the Hollywood film Nocebo.

Following the release of the trailer of her debut Hollywood film Nocebo on October 4, some netizens “raised eyebrows” and criticized Chai’s use of a thick Filipino accent which they say depicts dangerous stereotypes in Western media.

“The accent is unbearable. Why was the accent greenlit? Is it really necessary? Good for Chai, but my left eyebrow is raised. We know she doesn’t speak English like that,” says Twitter user @hubineer.

“Immediately invalidating multiple people feeling off about this and the valid criticism makes you sound like ‘puro reklamo, suporta na lang kase,” the netizen added.

In a Facebook post shared by Chris Costello on Twitter on Tuesday, October 4, Chai answered her critics. She said, if she spoke in “better English” and later found out what her character is–she might get bashed, too.

“There’s some talk about the accent I used in the trailer. Simply put: you would shit on me as an actor if I spoke in ‘better English’ and THEN you found out what my character’s background is when you see the film. Yun lang.”

While there were some netizens who criticized Chai’s accent, she also received numerous support for her proud Filipino moment in Hollywood.

These netizens believe there’s nothing wrong with Chai’s accent know how most Filipinos in the provinces speak.

“Idk why there’s so much hate on Chai’s accent in Nocebo. Let’s face it: usually middle class and up lang naman may neutral accent. The healers from the provinces have thick Filipino accent (mas thick pa nga sa accent ni chai sa movie eh),” @freudianneslip.

“I think some detractors of Chai Fonacier ‘s accent in Nocebo come from the knowledge that she does not speak English that way (although objectively that is a pretty decent fake basilectal Filipino accent). But whatever mas proproblemahin ko tong pigsa ko sa pwet,” @phlrntl

“Wait wait there are Filipinos pressed about Chai’s accent in Nocebo? Umm let’s not kid ourselves because that’s exactly how majority of Filipinos sound when speaking English. Of everything that you could point out in the trailer that bothers u, it had to be the superficial one,” @lou_koris

“nocebo’s trailer is cool as fuck (precolonial healing practices hello) and chai spoke in an english accent that 3/4 of the pilipinhon people i know speak in, especially family,,, whats going on with filipinos bro,” @makapatag

“One more hot take: As a probinsyano, i find it weird that people are fussing over Chai’s accent in NOCEBO. Mhie, I had to change my accent to assimilate but I used to speak with an accent like that. I sometimes still do if I feel comfy enough. Calm ur colonial tits,” @pukepeku

Nocebo is an upcoming Filipino-Irish psychological thriller film directed by Lorcan Finnegan. The film also stars Bond Girl Eva Green and BAFTA nominated actor Mark Strong.

Set between Manila and London, the film follows the story of a fashion designer (Eva), suffering from a mysterious illness that confuses her doctors and frustrates her husband (Mark). She then hires a Filipino caregiver (Chai) who helps her through traditional Filipino folk healing, but reveals a horrifying truth in the process.

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