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Medical practitioners questioned the viral ‘Abot Kamay Na Pangarap’ hospital scene

LionhearTVOctober 4, 2022

The top-rating daytime Kapuso drama drew attention from the medical community for its allegedly inaccurate depiction of an ER (emergency room) scene.

Again, the top-rating Kapuso series, Abot Kamay Na Pangarap, is back on the trending chart. Last week, the show went viral after talent manager, showbiz columnist, and comedian Ogie Diaz called Jillian Ward’s character portrayal as ‘lazy.’ 

Such a comment compelled the director LA Madridejos to respond to Diaz’s observation and provide some clarifications.

However, this time, the critique did not come from a regular viewer or a netizen–and not directed toward the acting part. The medical community threw criticisms at the medical inconsistencies depicted on the show.

GMA Network posted a clip featuring the scene on Twitter, where it earned various unflattering reactions from both regular netizens and those from the medical field.

Twitter user @elgumd, who appears to be a doctor, took his time to note some inaccuracies in the scene in question.

He mentioned the breach of hospital protocols, lack of referral and endorsement, and the false reassurance made by the characters on the scene, which featured resident doctor Analyn Santos (Jillian Ward), trying to be at the helm of the tense situation.

“Alam nyo exciting at magulo sa ospital, lalo sa ER. Pero hindi mo pagkakatoxican na ipasok agad-agad sa OR yung pasyente na babae na in pain dahil sa “GUT FEEL” mo na appendicitis.

“Madaming proseso at clearance pa pagdadaanan nila. May referral system aa ospital.

“(You know what, it’s true that it is both exciting and chaotic at a hospital’s ER. That said, no sane doctor would promptly recommend a patient to the OR, simply because of ‘gut feel’. There are processes and clearance procedures” to be followed. Hospitals operate under a strict referral system)”, said @elgumd ,further explaining his point.

Dr. Ivan Vicente similarly questioned Analyn’s actions.

Abnormal uterine bleeding + abdominal pain = appendicitis agad yarn?!!?

“Hindi ba ectopic pregnancy?” he tweeted.

Just in his first year in medicine, Kim claimed that he, too, found the scene inaccurate.

I’m just a mere first-year med student but damn this is so wrong on so many levels,” he noted.

Janno, meanwhile, noted how Jillian Ward’s character was later reprimanded in the latter part of the scene.

Anyway guys chill, Dra. Analyn actually got reprimanded bad in a later scene for bypassing protocol.

“Other scenes show na the appendicitis impression was not made just with a single poke in the RLQ. And yes her seniors doubted her impression dahil they actually had other ddx,” his tweet reads.

LA Madridejos also confirmed they had consultations with medical professionals before and during the shoot. He noted full episodes available showing the repercussions of Analyn’s actions.

Hi guys. Yup. May mga full episodes tayo na nakaupload sa YT ng GMA. Rest assured, may mga consultants during the take and meron ding nag aapprove bago i-air. Though open kami sa suggestions kung paano maiimprove ang shows. Salamat,” he tweeted.

That said, the viral scene did keep several notable personalities in the medical field fr expressing their concerns. Dr. Harold Henrison aired his fear that the incorrect depiction may send a wrong message.

This sends out a wrong message to the viewers on how the medical field specifically, hospital, ER and OR settings work. Will not go into the specific details on differentials, diagnosis and management but The Art and Science of Medicine have both been gravely compromised,” he tweeted.

Dr. Gia Sison appealed to other medical practitioners to not emulate the practices depicted in the scene.

Wag tularan di po ganito ang proseso.

“(Do not do this. This is not how things work),” she said.

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