We found you a 5G smartphone below P10,000. Here’s what you’d be getting


July 6, 2021

It was not so long ago when Filipinos, majority of whom are mobile internet users, were waiting for 5G to reach the Philippines.

Fortunately, 5G is seeing an accelerated adoption in the country even amid the ongoing pandemic. Major telco players are conducting rapid and continuous rollouts not just in Metro Manila but also in key regions.

With this development, phone manufacturers are also bringing in 5G smartphones to our shore. However, the high-speed internet technology remains elusive because most of these 5G smartphones are flagship models. Normally, price tags start at P18,000 and up.

Even those 5G smartphones in the midrange segment fall between P12,000 to P15,000, which is still hard to shell out if on a tight budget.

That is why we are very happy to share a 5G-ready smartphone we found worth less than P10,000. Yes, it’s true! Xiaomi is making 5G accessible for everyone with its most affordable model in the midrange segment, the Redmi Note 10 5G.

Launched early this month via Facebook Live, the Redmi Note 10 5G had both viewers and Mi fans raving. And so are we!

To find out more of what this gadget find has to offer, we’ve taken the boundary-challenging Redmi Note 10 5G on a review.

Here’s what else you would be getting for P9,990 apart from a future-ready 5G smartphone (for the 4GB + 128GB model):

1. A performance racer

Whether you’re a serious or casual mobile gamer who relies on data to play, a 5G smartphone is surely on your list, especially if your area is 5G-ready. Surprisingly, the locations we stay in at Taguig City and Pasig City are already 5G-covered.

Playing games such as Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile using 5G data was beyond decent with this phone, owing also to its flagship-level processor and high refresh rate.

These two features are what make gaming seamless in a mobile phone and Xiaomi. With its high regard to Mi fans, it surely did not skimp on Redmi Note 10 5G’s hardware.

Its processor is the MediaTek Dimensity 700, designed specially to challenge speed barriers.

It comes with 7nm processor, which is what you’ll normally get from flagship models. Coupled with a 90Hz refresh rate, expect that you can grind more in your MOBA games that support 90fps (frames per second).

Its powerful processor and impressive refresh rate help the Redmi Note 10 5G perform better and faster when you’re gaming in high graphics.

Apart from this, the refresh rate is also dynamic. It automatically adjusts from 90Hz when gaming to 30Hz or 60Hz when watching YouTube videos, for example.

2. A reliable triple camera setup

In terms of imaging, the Redmi Note 10 5G comes with a 48MP AI triple camera setup, which is already ground-breaking for its price point. Remember, it’s less than P10,000.

Most importantly, it does the job. First up is the 48MP main camera that gives sharp and clear photos. It will not fail you during the daytime when the lighting is good.

At nighttime, we were pleasantly surprised with the smartphone’s Night Mode with AI that captured bright and sharp photos. We also observed little to no noise.

It also has a camera with a depth sensor to give you that creamy blur when using the Portrait Mode. Lastly, the 2MP macro camera is good enough for well-lit closeups.

For all your IG needs, we can honestly say that these three cameras will deliver.

If you’re into videos, the Redmi Note 10 5G has basic features such as Slow Motion, Timelapse and Movie Frame.

3. A premium look with full 6.5-inch HD screen

The Redmi Note 10 5G carries the look of its older brother Redmi Note 10, with slim tapered edge and a low-key side fingerprint sensor. Overall, it feels premium to hold so you’d be more than proud to show it around.

It has four colorways too, namely Aurora Green, Chrome Silver, Graphite Gray and Nighttime Blue.

Its full 6.5-inch full HD screen with dot-drop display is also something to look forward especially if you like watching videos on Facebook or YouTube, or into binge-watching K-drama shows.

Apart from this, the screen is also functional as it has an adaptive sensor that adjusts the screen’s color temperature and brightness based on the surrounding.

Its big screen is also great for those who are using phones for online classes. It has a Reading Mode, which helps reduce eye-strain when you’re diving into your readings. It even has a paper texture feature that mimics a book’s texture.

Rachel Duran, a student, posted this comment during the live Facebook launch: “I adore you Xiaomi! Having Redmi Note10 5G would be a new experience and would be a great help in my online classes! You rock!”

4. A long-lasting 5,000mAh battery

With all these features you could enjoy and experience from the Redmi Note 10 5G, a big battery is definitely needed. Thankfully, this phone will not disappoint you.

Xiaomi is truly challenging boundaries when it packed the Redmi Note 10 5G with a 5,000mAh battery.

The smartphone lasted as a full day even with hours of gaming from morning ‘til evening. That’s after a full battery. Charge it with the 18W fast charger and you are good to go anytime.

With moderate use, lurking on idols’ accounts in Twitter and Instagram, watching live selling on Facebook, buying stuff online, and even checking emails, the Redmi Note 10 5G lasted for two days without charging.

The high-performing processor, smooth refresh rates and adaptive screen brightness all result to the phone’s improved power efficiency.

With the Redmi Note 10 5G, Xiaomi has democratized the 5G technology for everyone—even as we still wait for the country to be fully 5G-ready.

At least for now, we can be ready for the future with the most accessible and affordable 5G smartphone in the market today.

With the Redmi Note 10 5G, you will be ready for those sweet 5G speeds. You can even double the experience as the phone supports dual SIM!

“Beast phone it is. Redmi Note 10 5G! I want to win this phone for my work. It definitely will improve my internet and connection quality,” Mi fan Arken Grace, commented on Facebook.

Get this midrange all-rounder and performance racer for P9,990 for the 4GB + 128GB model. You can upgrade to bigger RAM with the 8GB + 128GB model for P11,490.


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