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Notion intros AI that can auto-write blog posts, ideas, to-do lists and more

YugatechNovember 17, 2022

Notion on Wednesday has announced a new feature which is currently in testing for its popular note-taking app of the same name. The feature is called ‘Notion AI‘ that uses a generative artificial intelligence to automatically create write-ups such as blog posts, brainstorming ideas, to-do lists, and even literary pieces in-app.

Notion Ai

Notion AI also includes editing features that fixes grammar and spelling, it can even translate a write-up to certain languages.

In an article via The Verge, they managed to try the software prior to Notion announcing it. The feature is pretty simple to use. When creating a new page in Notion, aside from the “Empty page” there’s a bunch of added options aside like “Blog post,” “Pros and cons list.” “Outline,” “To-do list,” “Meeting agenda,” and more.

The software then asks the user a suitable prompt, click the blue ‘Generate’ button then it writes the text in real-time.

Here’s a 1-minute demo of Notion AI:

Notion AI is currently in Private Alpha access

Notion AI’s current status is in ‘private alpha’ with no release window announced yet. Notion co-founder and CEO Ivan Zhao acknowledged that the feature is still in progress. “It can help unblock you to focus on more impactful work. It can save you time with some of writing’s most arduous moments,” Zhao said.

“It can’t do everything, but it can help you be more productive. And this is only our alpha. It’ll get much better in the coming months.”

Notion AI is currently accessible via private waitlist only. To try Notion AI, you may sign-up their waitlist here.

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