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Actress Iwa Moto recounts story of street kid begging for money — through GCash

Coconuts ManilaNovember 20, 2022

They say beggars can’t be choosers — and in Manila, street urchins have given the saying a whole new meaning as they find ways to expand their options of receiving alms.

Just ask actress Iwa Moto, who recalled the rather wild experience of street kids begging for money — and promptly informed her that they accepted donations through GCash, the popular Philippine mobile wallet, after she informed them she did not have any spare change with her.

According to the actress, she was buying from a neighborhood shop in her village and did not bring anything with her except her phone and car keys as she was planning to pay using GCash.

After she walked out of the store, she was met by three kids who proceeded to beg for money from her so they could buy food.


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“I answered, ‘Oh but I don’t have any change with me.’ Do you know what the little kid told me? ‘Ma’am, I accept GCash.’ I was like, ‘What?!’, and then he proceeded to whip out a phone.”

While it wasn’t clear whether she ended up wiring a few bucks over GCash, the actress was clearly amused by the encounter.

Fans also loved the story and said they could relate.

“These beggars have leveled up,” one said.

“That happened to me too,” another recounted. “Someone was asking money from me. He told me he accepted both GCash and PayMaya,” mentioning another popular mobile wallet.

“Beggars have to keep up with trends too,” another joked.

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