Pres. Rodrigo Duterte vows to resign if anyone can name a country that was prepared for the pandemic, netizens respond

DailypediaSeptember 1, 2021

President Rodrigo Duterte vowed [once again] to step down if anyone can determine a single country that was prepared for the pandemic.

He said Europe and the United States, relatively more capable countries, are also suffering from the effects brought by the COVID-19.

“Who was prepared for this? America? Name a country that is prepared, I will resign,” he challenged the public amid criticism of his Administration’s response to the health crisis in the country.

“You know when the pandemic started, we had nothing. We had no face mask, personal protective equipment, testing kits, nothing. And the same people criticizing today are the same people telling us last year that we were too slow and we’re not prepared,” he threw the blame again.

He argued that the confirmed deaths related to the disease in the Philippines is still far lower relative to other countries.

“Although we have seen the positive effect of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in National Capital Region (NCR), which lowered the reproduction rate… we are also evaluating whether granular or localized lockdowns would work best in our current situation. The national task force has to study it,” Duterte said.

However, netizens noted that there were [actually] several countries that were quick to address the global emergency such as New Zealand, Taiwan, and others.

Duterte has promised to resign countless times in the past if proven wrong on many issues.

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