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Netizens questioned the media’s use of blurred photos of Remulla’s son; ‘TV Patrol’ earned praises for unmasked suspect

LionhearTVOctober 15, 2022

Several netizens and social media personalities questioned several news networks for using blurred photos of DOJ Sec. Boying Remulla’s son in their social media reports.

Remulla’s son, Juanito Jose Remulla III, got arrested by the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) operatives on Tuesday, October 11, in Las Pinas for high-grade Marijuana possession amounting to around 1.3 million pesos.

While Sec. Remulla took the brunt of criticisms from netizens, the country’s news networks also got subjected to criticisms–due to the manner or reportage.

Netizens questioned why the media published blurry or masked photos of the suspect, a practice not accorded to ordinary suspects without connections to the government.

In a tweet, forensic expert Dr. Raquel Fortun questioned News5’s social media report on the arrest using the blurred mugshot of Remulla’s son.

“Bakit ganyan?”

Using the same News5 post, celebrity photographer Niccolo Cosme also asked why the media are showing blurred photos of Remulla’s son.


Netizen @FalterKent also shared his discontent over the media’s handling of the arrest using the suspect’s blurred photos.

In his tweet reply to ABS-CBN News’ social media post, the netizen pointed out the stark contrast in handling an ordinary citizen suspect to that of coming from a privileged background.

“Wow the difference of handling a citizen coming from a privileged background and the poor! The privacy of the former was respected here. The poor during tokhang era were mercilessly shown to the public even if they were just accused of engaging in illicit drug affairs.”

@macoyestrella also questioned ABS-CBN News’ post for using blurred photo of Remulla’s son.

“Minor yarn o Japanese porn?!  Bakit blurred ang mukha @ABSCBNNews aber aber???”

Netizen @volimyanervosa, meanwhile, compared the media’s treatment of Dominic Roco who was also arrested for illegal drugs, but his face wasn’t blurred or masked in news reports.

“Sorry I have to call out din our friends in the media. Bakit kayo pumayag na makakuha ng blurred image ng anak ni Remulla samantalang binalandra niyo pagmumukha ni Dominic Roco. Mas malaki nga nakuha dun sa anak kesa sa artista. Akala ko ba watchdog kayo? Bakit walang pangil”

@ray_bita also asked why a 39-year old suspect’s face needs to be blurred.

“Bakit blurred and mukha ng anak ni Boying gayung 39 yo. na sya. Pag ordinary citizen nahuli pati butas ng ilong kita sa kamera. Onli in the Pilipins!”

While some media outfits were called out by the netizens for showing Juanito Remulla III’s blurred photos in their social media reports, ABS-CBN’s flagship news program TV Patrol has earned the praises of netizens for unmasking the suspect.

On Friday, October 14, TV Patrol reported the news about Sec. Remulla’s son using an unblurred photo.

Netizens were quick to commend TV Patrol for unmasking the face of the suspect saying that’s the real journalism.

“Kudos to TV Patrol for unmasking this criminal #RemullaResign”

“TV Patrol Not Blurring the photo I say, tama” @Keniji tweeted.

“TV Patrol did not blur the photo of Boying Remulla’s son who is a drug suspect  MAY MABUBUWISIT NA NAMAN YET KUDOS ABS-CBN NEWS!!!!” @altstarmagic’s tweet.

“Kudos sa TV Patrol for finally unmasking yung 38-yr-old child @TVPatrol” said @ericmartinezph.

“This. Is. Journalism. Kudos, @TVPatrol, for unmasking Juanito Jose Remulla III,” tweeted @janygamos.

“Hats off sa @TVPatrol for unmasking this 38-year old son of SOJ Boying Remulla. I don’t really get it kung bakit yung kabila blurry yung mugshots as if onse anyos tong kutong lupa na to? #BoyingRemullaResign” @kiahahhaha tweeted.


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