Game and shoot: OPPO’s latest midrange all-rounder lets you do both with speed


May 26, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — After a year of spending most of our time indoors, we may not be giving enough credit to our ever-reliable smartphones, which have saved us with limitless entertainment, access to information and connection to loved ones—making us live life at full speed.

This summer, we may be feeling cabin fever anew especially with the fun activities we are putting on hold again. Fortunately, OPPO is here to the rescue with the release of the newest addition to its A Series. A midrange all-rounder, OPPO A94 has features that match our coping mechanisms to boredom—be it gaming, binge-watching or even doing your mini vlogs! was able to fully test out this device. Here are our thoughts on how the OPPO A94 can enable us to live life at full speed for gaming and shooting.

For your gaming grind

Play MOBA games smoothly with OPPO A94's 12nm SoC Mediatek Helio P95 chipset, ultra-thin and lightweight design and AMOLED display. Tobias

Mobile gaming has become our go-to stress reliever nowadays as it gives us a way to interact with our friends and strangers despite being socially distanced from one another. Luckily, the OPPO A94 doesn’t disappoint in this department.

What excited me the most as a budding MOBA player is how the phone allowed me to put my best game on. I was able to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience while casually rocking games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang and League of Legends Wild Rift at its highest graphics possible.

This is possible thanks to its 12nm SoC Mediatek Helio P95 chipset, ultra-thin and lightweight design and AMOLED display. A94 can support most mobile games and play them smoothly.

Frame rates were consistent and phone temperature was also kept at a manageable level- while keeping battery at its optimum level. No need to plug the chargers while at it.

Making it an even better gaming phone is the tough 4310mAh battery it packs, complemented by a 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 capability, which rapidly charges the phone up to 100% in just 56 minutes.

To let you live life at full speed, OPPO A94 comes equipped with a 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 capability. Tobias

Also, as someone who gets easily distracted by messages from friends or emails from work, I particularly loved how OPPO A94’s feature called Game Space allowed me to seriously focus on my games and win more ranked matches. No more bothersome alerts and notifications while gaming.

Powered by the Color OS 11.1, Game Space optimizes games and improves one’s focus, which every gamer would find very helpful as they grind their way up the gaming ladder!

You can also try the Game Floating Window, which can keep a game running while opening other tabs; and the Gaming Shortcut Mode, which reduces game load time, the Bullet Screen Message, which will scroll new messages on your screen, and its screen recorder made for aspiring online streamers.

A snap and shoot companion

As gaming continues to rise, players get even more competitive and creative by streaming games. Gamers are now no longer limited to streaming their matches online. They now produce their own vlogs featuring their lives outside of the gaming arena and making them the new rising stars of social media.

Knowing this, OPPO equips the A94 with a camera that can help you in producing contents and vlogging your way to being the next big thing on the internet.

OPPO A94’s quad lens AI-assisted camera is perfect for capturing all of life’s moments—indoor and outdoor! Tobias

As far as optics go, the OPPO A94 plays the game well in this area. It boasts a 32MP front camera, 48MP main rear camera joined by an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro snapper and a 2MP monochrome sensor, making it a good shooter outdoor and indoor.

Shoot stunning photos using OPPO A94's wide array of sensors which ensure clear and sharp images in different situations. Tobias

You have plenty of modes to play with in the OPPO A94, some were specifically made to improve your photos while some are made to make your video shooting easier and more creative.

One of the phone camera’s highlights is the AI color portrait video, which recognizes the video’s subject and differentiates them from the background by retaining only its colors while muting all the background colors. Here’s a sample video:

They also introduced the Dual-view video mode, which lets you capture two perspectives at once by recording simultaneously through the front camera and rear camera. Imagine how fun and easier live unboxing or “mukbang” videos would be with this feature!

In terms of portrait camera modes, the A94 also delivers a pretty decent performance when it comes to background-subject separation. While this could be improved, outputs are still good enough to stand out in social media.

The A94’s camera also comes with some exciting Night Plus filters which would allow you to capture evening landscapes, and also the Night Flare Portrait Mode for an enhanced urban nightscape portrait!

An all-rounder for your all-day needs

This midrange all-rounder sports a 6.42” AMOLED screen and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P95 octa-core processor, which can satisfy your demand for crisper, more eye-catching images. Tobias

As a midrange phone, the OPPO A94 sticks to what it does well—gaming and shooting—and it makes sure that it delivers decently when it comes to these things.

Plus, the OPPO A94’s Flowing Light design is stunning. The fantastic purple gives a feeling of sophistication with its soft and vibrant gradient.

OPPO A94's Fantastic Purple features a lovely gradient finish that starts in purple and ends in teal. Tobias

Aside from being an eye-magnet, the device also sports a 6.42” AMOLED screen and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P95 octa-core processor, which can satisfy your demand for crisper, more eye-catching images.

At this time, an all-rounder smartphone is good to have, not only because it is right at budget, but also because it assures that it can perform well and smooth in every activity you do with your phone, be it streaming shows, recording videos, shooting pictures or playing mobile games.

For a budget-friendly price of P13,999, the OPPO A94 allows you to do all these and truly lets you #LiveLifeatFullSpeed with its gaming capability and camera performance which match your day-to-day demands.


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