Arnell Ignacio blasts Angel Locsin over controversial community pantry, Teddy Locsin Jr. defends the actress-philanthropist


April 27, 2021

Host-comedian and known die-hard Duterte supporter (DDS) Arnell Ignacio lambasted Kapamilya actress-philanthropist Angel Locsin over her controversial birthday community pantry.

In a scathing facebook video, Ignacio didn’t mince words in slamming Angel for the “tragedy” that happened during her birthday community pantry.

He said, Angel should have known better, that being a popular actress people will show up even just to see a glimpse of her.

“Nako, eh yang may namatay. Hindi naman nakakagulat yan eh. Aba syempre, magdadagsaan yan. Mainit. Wala namang nangyari diyan na nakakagulat.

“Nako di ko ine-expect na dadagsa tao no, ang bullsh*t naman niyan. Susmaryosep naman, tumayo ka nga lang, artista patayuin mo lang diyan magkakagulo diyan eh.

“May pasyente po rito di nakakabayad, kulang na kulang po ang pera.’ Yun ang tulong! Eh p*tang*na, ikaw iikot ka diyan, mamimigay ka, ano ka?

“Alam na alam natin magkakagulo yan, wag na tayong mag-eklatan dito, mag-tarantaduhan. P*tang*na naman eh, jusko naman, nakakapaanggigil yun ganun eh.”

The DDS propagandist Ignacio also insinuated that Locsin lacked common sense when she decided to put up the community pantry.

“Isa sa malaki nating problema, hirap na hirap tayong magpakatotoo. We have a bankruptcy of common sense and I’m not just talking about common people,”

In a series of tweets, the DFA Sec. lauded Locsin’s efforts to help people in need. The public official Locsin also believed that the actress meant well when she decided to put up the community pantry.

“You meant well. Road to hell is not paved w/ good intentions; that’s the excuse of animals whose intentions are always bad but know the road to hell well because they came from there. But keep away from Filipino political advisers; they are born stupid. Same advice for my side.”

The DFA Sec. also added that Angel need not ask for forgiveness for helping the needy and feeding those starving. 

He said the blame should be for those who do not care enough to give something since the pandemic started.

“No forgiveness needed; at least she tried to feed them; one was so starved and weak she couldn’t feed him in time. Blame those who don’t do what she and others like her—like my friends from the very start of the pandemic—are trying to do: feed the hungry and not their egos.”

Angel is heavily criticized by the Government trolls and supporters for the tragic outcome of the community pantry.

Some even floated the idea of filing a case against her, like the LGU of Brgy. Holy Spirit saying she could be liable for what happened during the event.

However, lawyer and FEU Law School Dean Mel Sta. Maria said there’s no liability on the part of the actress.

In a facebook post, Dean Mel said Angel is not liable at all and no case to be filed against her. 

Sta. Maria also added that while Angel is the organizer of the community pantry, there was no clear evidence that of her action causing an accident.

“Angel Locsin is not liable at all. There is no crime when there is no criminal mind. Neither was there negligence in putting up a table as a community pantry. The table and the food were just there to be approached. 

“There was even no accident due to any action of Angel Locsin. There is just absolutely nothing to make Angel Locsin liable. Being merely an organizer does not equate to liability.”


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