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Netizens laud ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ for tackling relevant social issues

LionhearTVOctober 7, 2022

GMA Network’s newest historical-fantasy series started on the right foot as it continues to make waves and praises from the netizens.

Since its pilot on Monday, October 3, netizens can’t help but gush over the series, which stars Kapuso prime stars Dennis Trillo, Julie Anne San Jose and Barbie Forteza.

The recent episode got highly commended by netizens for tackling timely and relevant issues–like gender equality and women empowerment.

Twitter user @JongdaeLex said that apart from being a historical-fantasy series, what he liked more about Maria Clara at Ibarra is: “that it tackles a wide range of heavy topics that Filipinos need to know and be educated.”

@nadaugust13 also tweeted praising GMA Network for its bravery in tackling feminism and misogyny in the recent episode of Maria Clara at Ibarra. He also commended the series’ star Barbie Forteza for her compelling performance.

“GMA is brave enough to tackle feminism and misogyny on the recent episode of #MCIKlayMeetsIbarra This only manifest that they are taking our free tv experience into a more realistic point of view. And Barbie Forteza spilling the tea of woman empowerment is so compelling.”

@_c3h4 also shared the same sentiments lauding Kapuso writers for tackling domestic violence in the series.

“Just wanna say kudos to the writers of #MariaClaraAtIbarra for tackling domestic violence/abuse in the series and i’m looking forward how this will be resolved. I also hope with their take on the noli, they wouldn’t dramatically change how the story will go and will end.”

@MaykTheSeafarer, @abbottmilfs and @jhnkrlsddy_ shared the same praise on the scene where Klay(Barbie) made a stand for women’s rights in front of Ibarra and other men.

“Sayang, hindi binanggit na nagkaroon din ng dalawang bise Presidente na babae ang Pilipinas. But nevertheless, gusto ko yung last scene kung saan sinupalpal ni Klay @dealwithBARBIE sina Dennis at @davidlicauco. She slaaayyyy that part! Apakagaling!! #MCIKlayMeetsIbarra”

@abbottmilfs tweeted, “something about Klay putting the “lolos” in their place speaks to my soul. SHE’S JUST LIKE ME FR. like yes honey, leave these boys speechless with your intellect”

“This scene is an ingenious portrayal of how progressive our current society is where women can do what men can do. Even though we haven’t reached the peak of equality and equity, we are still moving forward for it. ANG GANDA! #MCIKlayMeetsIbarra #AbanteBabae,” @jhnkrisddy_ tweeted, too.

Other tweets from the netizens were also praises for the show’s progressiveness and its boldness in discussing relevant social issues.


@TRAHEDYAGAYS wrote, “maria clara at ibarra discussing education, labor, feminism, misogyny, ethnocentrism and etc. only three episodes in. they’re having a STELLAR first week.”

“This is the series that I am waiting for. It talks about real human struggles. Noli Me Tangere novel already provides that but strangely but kaya ang tagal bago magkaroon ng TV series about it. Historical but progressive ang Maria Clara at Ibarra #MCIKlayMeetsIbarra,” @Rayne_Yuki said.

@tito_is_life also tweeted, “Got intrigued by this new show at @gmanetwork #MariaClaraatIbarra iba talaga ang GMA. Trailblazer. Napakatimely na may ganitong palabas lalo pa’t nakakalimutan na natin ang history natin bilang Pilipino. @dealwithBARBIE @DennisTrillo @MyJaps great job!”

Maria Clara and Ibarra, follows the story of Klay (played by Forteza), a Gen Z nursing student who wakes up and finds herself teleported into the world of Jose Rizal’s novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. 

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