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Netizens slam Mon Tulfo for belittling delivery boys

DailypediaOctober 18, 2022

TV broadcaster Ramon Tulfo was blasted by netizens after belittling a delivery boy who criticized him for defending Department of Justice Secretary Boying Remulla as it relates to his son’s illegal drug case.

Remulla, a Duterte ally who said he was in favor of giving drug dealers the death penalty, is currently in conflict with his stance after his son, Juanito Jose Diaz Remulla III, was arrested for possession of PHP1.3 million worth of kush.

Remulla said he wouldn’t intervene in his son’s case while Filipinos have called for his resignation. However, his allies have defended him including Tulfo, the brother of social welfare secretary Erwin Tulfo and Senator Raffy Tulfo.

On Facebook, Tulfo said Remulla shouldn’t be blamed for the crime his son committed since “parents can only do so much to guide our children on the right path.”

“Let’s not blame Justice Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla for his son Juanito’s offense. Juanito is 36 and no longer a child. If he made a mistake, that’s not his father’s fault. What father in his right mind would push his child to violate the law? Especially if that father is the justice secretary. Whatever discipline or lesson a parent imparts on his child can only go so far when that child grows up. We parents can only do so much to guide our children on the right path. It’s no longer the parents’ fault if our children take a crooked path,” he wrote.

One netizen argued, saying that since Remulla is a public official, he should resign. “[Remulla] is not an ordinary citizen. He is the secretary of justice, that’s why he needs to resign. It’s embarrassing that he cannot clean up his own backyard.”

Tulfo replied by belittling the netizen’s job as a “delivery boy.”

Hu, the delivery boy spoke! This conversation is for intelligent people only,” Tulfo commented.

Social media users didn’t take kindly to Tulfo’s reply and slammed him.

The Tulfo siblings were previously involved in a PHP120-million advertisement deal (US$2.03 million) with PTV network officials and their sister, the former tourism secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo.

The delivery boy didn’t back down, either.

“Thank you sir for showing that this is how you view us who were born into poverty, who continue to grind just to rise above our circumstances. we put up a fair fight, unlike the Justice Secretary’s son,” he said.

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