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Globe adopts META Active Antenna Unit (AUU) to improve 5G network

YugatechSeptember 7, 2022

Globe has announced that it is one of the earliest adopters of META AAU, which combines innovative hardware and software to improve 5G network performance and energy efficiency.

Globe • Globe Tower 1 • Globe Adopts Meta Active Antenna Unit (Auu) To Improve 5G Network

META AAU introduces an Extremely Large Antenna Array, which is double of a conventional unit. ELAA combines ultra-light integrated array and signal direct injection feeding to improve coverage and integration.

For software, it utilizes an Adaptive High-Resolution Turbo algorithm to enable precise, dynamic, and targeted beamforming, significantly improving user experience and cell capacity.

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The META AAU is also a powerful energy-saving tool as it allows base stations to achieve the same level of coverage for cell-edge users but with a lower transmit power. This reduces energy consumption by approximately 30% compared to conventional AAUs.

The deployment of META AAU will provide faster and more reliable 5G connectivity.

“We are excited over this META AAU, especially now that we are aggressively rolling out 5G across the country. This will allow us to provide a more enjoyable experience to our customers using environment-friendly solutions and reduce energy costs. This is a win-win proposition for our customers, the business, and the planet,” said Joel Agustin, Globe SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering, Network Technical Group.

Globe logged over two million devices in its 5G network from January to June this year, showing that many customers are already using 5G. At least 96% of the National Capital Region and 85% of key cities in Visayas and Mindanao have 5G outdoor coverage.

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