#NasaanAngPangulo becomes a top trending topic as netizens question the President’s timing of uploading a new vlog entry - TrueID

#NasaanAngPangulo becomes a top trending topic as netizens question the President’s timing of uploading a new vlog entry

DailypediaSeptember 29, 2022

Netizens questioned the timing of the President’s new vlog entry and his absence amid Super Typhoon Karding’s terrifying onslaught over Luzon.

The hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo reappeared on Twitter Philippine’s top trending chart on September 26, for the first time since President Duterte completed his term. The hashtag traditionally appears when netizens wondering what the man at the Malacañang Palace has been up to when his country is trying to survive an incoming and ongoing calamity. Given Karding’s horrifying strength, it made sense that many Filipinos were wondering whether President Bongbong Marcos Jr’s office–is prepared to confront the super typhoon’s impact and aftermath.

Whatever the Government’s efforts at the height of the super typhoon’s devastation seemed not enough, as many netizens still took to Twitter to vent their frustration and disappointment, hence the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo. 

The President’s uploading of a new vlog entry featuring his recent New York trip also fell under the massive scrutiny of netizens.

Another six years of this consistently trending hashtag: #NasaanAngPangulo, I guess. Hay Pilipinas,” tweeted theater actress, Gab Pangilinan.

“By this time, you should be addressing the public on the extent of this super typhoon. Nasaan ka na?,” asked JP, as similar questions made rounds on Twitter.

“Anong Category 5, typhoon-typhoon na yan? I will have to disagree with that number, we are not that high,” teased Sebyo, saying one of President Marcos Jr’s familiar line.

Gean, meanwhile, hoped that the Filipino won’t use the highly-romanticized “Filipino resiliency.”

“I hope this time we would not romanticize Filipino resiliency. Seek accountability from the government. It is their job to keep the Filipino masses safe,” her tweet reads.

Another Twitter user, Serene, gave a similar sentiment, tweeted,  “People will surely romantize resillience in the midst of experiencing #KardingPH instead of seeking help and accountability from the president.”.

Karyll, meanwhile, noted that the President seems busier attending to other things.

She quoted Marcos Jr’s earlier tweet, where he notified his followers on Twitter, of his new vlog entry on YouTube.

“Apparently, we are not in his area of responsibility. We never were,” she tweeted.

The President via his official Twitter page, posted updates on the typhoon an hour after making his vlog post. Some netizens, however, still felt dissatisfied, with some even noting that the announcements felt forced and detached.

“BBM’s announcements feel forced and detached. 

“Leni’s posts feel personal and compassionate,” noted Karyll, comparing the President to his closest rival last election, Atty. Leni Robredo.

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