Journalists hats off to Chiara Zambrano’s display of bravery

LionhearTVApril 13, 2021

Journalists from various media outlets are hats off to ABS-CBN News reporter Chiara Zambrano’s bravery to deliver a potent, piece of information.

Through twitter, journalists from various media outlets in the country lauded Zambrano’s guts to deliver the news despite a Chinese coast guard vessel and two missile-armed fast attack craft on their tails.

Journalist, reporter, and Kapuso news anchor Atom Araullo lauded Zambrano and the ABS-CBN News team for gathering video evidence of the dire situation in the West Philippine Sea.

Then, ABS-CBN News reporter Mike Navallo defended Zambrano from the bashers, listing all of her accomplishments throughout her career.

Navallo also retweeted a post from the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines. The tweet calls out the Armed Forces of the Philippines for blaming Zambrano over her news report.

ABS-CBN reporter and news anchor Karen Davila also defended Zambrano. She noted that the incident with the Chinese vessels happened within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines.

Kapamilya host Bianca Gonzalez lauded Zambrano’s bravery, noting that she was her batchmate and classmate.

Former Kapamilya reporter Kevin Manalo praised Zambrano’s bravery and hoped for more reporters of her caliber.

Columnist Gideon Lasco saluted Zambrano; hoped to see the same courage among the leaders of the Philippines.

Investigative Journalist Raissa Robles wrote if she had the same budget, she would have done the same thing as Zambrano.

Filipino Journalist Lian Buan lauded Zambrano’s clarity and expertise in her report.

Zambrano responded to the Department of Foreign Affairs. She clarified that their team was in communication with the Armed Forces of the Philippines throughout their journey.

However, a Chinese coast guard vessel blocked their path, prompting their boat captain to head back to Palawan. While on their way, the Chinese Coast Guard Vessel chased them. After that, two Type-22 (Houbei Class) Fast Attack Crafts, known as missile-armed vessels, continued the chase 90 nautical miles from the shores of Palawan.

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