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Ex-girlfriend calls out Unique Salonga due to ‘unpaid debt’

LionhearTVAugust 24, 2021

Former IV of Spades vocalist Unique Salonga is currently in hot waters after his former girlfriend accused him of being an “utangero” on August 22.

Chy Lumagbas, the alleged ex-girlfriend of Salonga, mentioned him on twitter and asked him to pay his phone bill which was registered under her name.

In the following tweet, Lumagbas showed some proof that the singer did have an unpaid bill.

She then revealed that she tried to reach out to Llewelyn Torralba, Unique’s mother that concerns about the debt.

She also threw some shade along the way as she tweeted how it was karma for the singer to be in such a humiliating situation.

Salonga’s ex-girlfriend further stated that she already ranted about the singer’s unpaid bill since 2020.

She also shared how she was traumatized by their relationship, noting that Unique deserved the sticky situation right now.

Unique’s father, Randy Salonga, contacted Chy which she then shared on her Twitter account with a caption, “Why po??? Hahaha.”

In her final tweet, she ranted on how Salonga’s parents talked to her and “asked” if she could delete the tweets against their son, which she rejected.

As of this writing, Salonga is currently mum about the issue.

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