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Netizens call out Sen. Bato dela Rosa after saying, ‘Dr. Duterte’ is healing the Philippines

DailypediaJuly 9, 2021

Netizens expressed their disbelief after Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa called President Rodrigo DuterteDr. Duterte” and said that the country is healing because of his existence.

During a meeting with PDP-Laban members, the senator praised President Duterte and compared him to a doctor that heals its patients. Only in this case, the Philippines is the patient.

“Ang Pilipinas ay parang isang pasyente na ngayon ay gumagaling na dahil mayroong isang Dr. Duterte,” dela Rosa stated.

“Ngayon, nang gumaling na gumaling na, eh paubos na naman yung panahon ng Dr. Duterte.”

He encouraged Duterte to run for Vice Presidency in the 2022 elections saying that it’s “timely” for the latter to grab the chance. Even though he may not be the “main doctor” anymore, he’ll still contribute to the betterment of the patient.

“So yung desisyon mo sir na sabi mo tatakbo kang bise presidente ay napaka-timely po, dahil kahit na hindi na ikaw ang magiging main doctor sa isang pasyente na Pilipinas, you will be acting as [the] assistang doctor na malaki pa rin ang role para sa ikagagaling ng pasyente.”

Medical doctor RJ Nuguit questioned Dela Rosa’s use of the term “Dr. Duterte” and encouraged everyone to Professional Regulation Commission to remove said doctor’s license.

Celine Lugue asked if the senator inhaled anything because he sounds intoxicated.

A netizen pointed out that it was wrong for Dela Rosa to address the President as a doctor as it’s only for those who have earned the title.

According to a Twitter user, the Philippines was never sick before Duterte took his place as the President. Its state only worsened after he handled it.

Someone saw the Philippines’ state from another perspective. He said that if the country is the patient, it’s laying in the intensive care unit (ICU) and is not healing like what the senator claims.

He added that Dr. Duterte is the type to be late on his responses to patients but still gets credit.

Another called for a lawsuit against Dr. Duterte for “medical malpractice.”

Meanwhile, a netizen simply uploaded a laughing gif as a reaction to the President’s new nickname.

On June 7, President Duterte gave another hint that he might be considering pinning for the seat of the Vice President in next year’s election.

“To the proposition that I run for vice president, slightly I am sold to the idea. Meaning to say, I am seriously thinking of running for vice president,” said Duterte.

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