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Mariel Rodriguez, still happy with Robin Padilla never saw him as an ex-convict

DailypediaAugust 30, 2021

Mariel Rodriguez has been with her husband Robin Padilla for 11 years, but is she still happy?

The actress herself answered that question in her latest vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel.

She said Robin might be “the one” and doesn’t have any regret in choosing him.

“You allowed me to love you the way I wanted to love you and you love me the way I wanted to be loved. Ako, very showy ako sa love ko, very affectionate ako. Tapos ikaw, lagi mong naappreciate ‘yung love na binibigay ko,” she told him.

Robin then asked why she fell for an ex-convict. However, she never saw him as such.

“Never kitang nakita na ex-convict, sa totoo lang. I never saw you as a bad boy. Ang nakita ko sa ‘yo was you had a soft heart,” she said.

Their relationship wouldn’t be this beautiful if it weren’t for the challenges they hurdled together.

“‘Yun na ‘yung time ng after ng mga miscarriage tapos nag-travel tayo. Very very memorable rin sa akin ‘yun kasi merong pinagdadaanan, we went through it together in the best way possible. Inalis mo ko, talagang get away. Magastos pero masaya.”

As a wife, she also gets jealous when other women try their luck with Robin. But she understands when he’s in projects that require leading ladies.

“Mabait ang mga leading lady. Walang leading lady na hindi naging mabait sa akin.

“Kahit hindi ako nagseselos kay Ate Kris [Aquino] dahil si Ate Kris ‘yun, dun sa scene na ‘yun, maiinis ka. Nagpabuyo ako sa mga tao and I learned from that.”

She brought up how Robin constantly threatens to leave whenever they got into a fight when he asked if she ever thought of giving up on their relationship.

“Pero ‘di ba nga may nagsabi ‘Don’t make decisions when you’re happy. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry. Kailangan kapag gumagawa ka ng desisyon, kalmado ka.

“Normal ‘yun na sabihin mo na ayaw mo na. Walang tao na magsasabi na never niyang sinabi ‘yun sa loob ng 11 years. May time na parang feeling mo susuko ka and then you will remember the promise that you made.”

All she wants for their next anniversary is to send their children to the best schools and for both of them to still be there for them.

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