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Sony launches two new Walkman players

YugatechJanuary 17, 2023

Sony has just announced two new Walkman players, the NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306, designed to bring high-quality listening experiences to audio and music enthusiasts.

Nw Zx707


Nw A306


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The NW-ZX707 features a 5-inch display, Wi-Fi compatibility, and fine-
tuned capacitors and an FTCAP3 (High polymer capacitor), and a large solid high polymer capacitor that offers large capacitance and low resistance.

Nw Zx707 Front Ui

Meanwhile, the NW-A306 has a compact, 3.6-inch screen, full Wi-Fi compatibility, and tactile physical music controls that aim to bring a comfortable listening experience on the go.

Nw A306 Black

Both the NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306 use Edge-AI (Artificial Intelligence), and DSEE Ultimate™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) which upscales compressed digital music files in real time.

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Sony says the evolving algorithm now delivers even greater benefits for CD-quality (16-bit 44.1/48kHz) lossless codec audio.

Sony says that both NW-ZX707 and the NW-A306 feature longer battery life compared to previous models.

The NW-ZX707 has a battery life of up to 25 hours 1 of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 23 hours 1 of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, or up to 22 hours 2 even when streaming.

The NW-A306 has a battery life of up to 36 hours 1 of 44.1kHz FLAC playback, up to 32 hours 1 of 96kHz FLAC high-resolution audio playback, or even up to 26 hours 2 with the streaming service apps.

Nw A306 Lifestyle01

In terms of pricing, the NW-ZX707 has a price tag of PHP 44,999.00 while the NW-A306 is at PHP 19,999.00.

starting February 10, 2023.

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