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Journalists react to DOJ Sec. Remulla’s SMNI interview

LionhearTVOctober 15, 2022

Several journalists took to Twitter to share their disgust over the Department of Justice Secretary Boying Remulla’s snubbing of DOJ reporters in exchange for his interview with FBI-Wanted Apollo Quiboloy over his TV station SMNI.

On Friday, October 14, Remulla rushed to SMNI and faced Quiboloy in an exclusive interview following the arrest of his son Juanito Jose Remulla III for illegal drug charges.

The younger Remulla was arrested by the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) operatives on Tuesday, October 11 in Las Pinas but was only reported and confirmed by the family 2 days after on Thursday, October 13.

Meanwhile, Remulla’s first interview since the arrest of his son has earned the ire of some journalists covering the Department of Justice.

CNN Philippines’ Anjo Almario slammed Remulla for letting DOJ reporters wait for hours to get an interview but to no avail, only to find out that he appeared on SMNI with FBI wanted Quiboloy.

“Justice reporters waited the whole day for SOJ to arrive at DOJ and have been requesting for an interview with him. No response to our messages. Only for him to appear elsewhere.”

Xave Gregorio of Philstar News also blasted Remulla for snubbing the DOJ reporters and opting for an interview with the fugitive Quiboloy.

“This afternoon: Justice secretary opts for interview with fugitive pastor wanted for sex trafficking as he snubs reporters covering him.”

Rappler’s Lian Buan also shared her reaction saying “The justice beat, hardworking and very very patient, should not be ignored in place of a convenient appearance to someone wanted in the United States @USEmbassyPH”

Jonathan de Santos of Philstar meanwhile shared a sarcastic tweet saying, “To be fair, may unique insight naman din yung interviewer sa pagharap sa mga kaso etc”

Tomic Apacible, on the other hand, called out the network SMNI for not doing any news report on Remulla son’s involvement on illegal drugs.

“Meanwhile, a certain “news channel” has nothing to report on regarding the involvement of the Secretary of Justice’s son to illegal drugs. Truth that doesn’t matter ba?”

Meanwhile, calls for Remulla’s resignation has been going around social media following the arrest of his son.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, however, stood by Remulla saying the calls for his resignation have no basis.

“I think the calls for him to resign have no basis. You call for somebody to resign if he’s not doing his job or that they have misbehaved in that job…. He has done quite the contrary.” 

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