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10 Badass and Strong Female Donghua Characters

Yu AlexiusJanuary 12, 2023

The Chinese animation scene never lacks when it comes to strong and powerful women which is why I enjoyed them a lot since female characters in donghua are no damsel in distress, albeit such is not the case most of the time. But when we found a strong female donghua character, we sure know that they always deliver the angst that we usually expect.

Badass strong Female Donghua Characters 10 Badass and Strong Female Donghua Characters

Unlike its Japanese counterpart where female anime characters often need a hero to save them (not all though), women in Chinese animation are quite different although this only applies to mostly female leads or partners of the MC, or sometimes, a mentor-type character, and at times, a huge villain that needs to be surpassed.

For those of you who wish to meet more badass female donghua characters with strong personality and absolute power in their own right, here are some of the names that immediately comes into my mind that you might also want to know and start watching the donghua they came from.

10 Badass and Strong Female Donghua Characters


Queen Medusa

Topping the list is the fierce and hot queen of the snake-people tribe from Battle Through The Heavens – Queen Medusa. The donghua boasts a lot of powerful women aside from the queen herself such as Yun Yun, Xuner, or even Nalan Yanran whose way ahead of her peers.

a132f battle2bthrough2bthe2bheavens2bqueen2bmedusa 10 Badass and Strong Female Donghua Characters

However, there’s something imposing in the presence of Queen Medusa like no other. It feels like all men get to their knees when they encounter her and even one of my favorite support characters from Battle Through the Heavens – Hai Bodong fears her a lot.

In the series, she’s one of the most powerful characters that appeared in the donghua adaptation so far, she’s also the strongest ally and a bit of a threat to the main character Xiao Yan. Her existence is one of the reasons why I listed Battle Through The Heavens as a donghua that features many strong and powerful women in its lineup.

Tang Zichen

Coming next is the mentor, the master of our MC from Dragon’s Disciple. She’s badass and mysterious, and her existence makes you wish to crawl more information about her but we can’t get it except that she’s some kind of a leader of a secret organization whose head had huge prize money over it.

Tang Zichen Dragon's Disciple donghua
Tang Zichen, the master of our MC – Wang Chao

I felt like the moment I saw her in the opening theme fighting in heels already captivated me. Imagine fighting 3 expert assassins on your own and still coming out unscratched and victorious, that’s a whole lot of strength and she’s even more grounded as she only fights with martial arts with no special or supernatural kind of powers.

Ling Qingzhu

3f45d martial2buniverse2bling2bqinzhu2b1 10 Badass and Strong Female Donghua Characters

I often get the same feeling of strength from Ling Qingzhu and Yun Yun, however, the latter seems to be overpowered by Queen Medusa in terms of popularity and power (after the queen herself breakthrough as an Ancestor).

Ling Qingzhu is the main female lead of Martial Universe and the senior that captured the heart and nerves of Lin Dong. After all, she’s way more powerful than our MC when they first meet, definitely similar to Xiao Yan and Queen Medusa. She’s a respected cultivator among her peers and even admired by other sects.

Jun Jiu

Great Doctor Miss Nine Donghua Anime

In terms of bold and obnoxious strength and imposing presence, Jun Jiu, the great doctor who became the abandoned 9th Misstress of her clan through transmigration in the isekai story of Great Doctor Miss Nine (Shenyi Jiu Xiaojie) is like no other.

She holds no bar in exacting her vengeance and putting annoying characters in their right places. She may be quite vulgar but I think that’s what makes the donghua even more interesting as she is no damsel in distress who relies on men, albeit she also has a faithful man beside her, willing to assist her if she needs to.

Tao Yao

Chinese Anime with OP MC - Bai Yao Pu
Bai Yao Pu Character: Tao Yao

There’s some kind of contradiction with the existence of Tao Yao, the Divine Doctor who offers her service to supernatural beings and spirits. She’s anything but a gambler and boisterous talker but behind that facade, she’s a monster of her own league who fears no one even in the presence of gods and powerful diving beings. It was also hinted in the donghua that her strength is not human and she’s older than what she seems on the surface.

Ran Bing

From one of my favorite sci-fi donghua of all time – Ling Long: Incarnation, Ran Bing can be a bit of a tomboy on the surface but she’s a woman in every way and a strong one in that aspect. She’s way ahead among many men in the series and the evidence can be seen throughout the stint of the donghua.

Bo Saixi

Soul Land Bo Saixi

Next is a character from Soul Land, I am actually wondering who should I put on this list because there are many qualified women but I decided to go with Bo Saixi, the head priestess of the Sea God Island. First, she is a level-99 soul master, a descendant of the Sea God and she’s the Head Flamen, one who sits atop the power system.

I don’t see any women from the donghua surpassing her at the moment, even Bibi Dong herself. Even Qian Daoliu and Tang Chen were no match against her when the two elders of their respective clans came to Sea God Island.

Tang Rou

Bold, stubborn, and determined, are qualities that made Tang Rou a woman way ahead of many men in The King’s Avatar. And while she may not be as skilled as other female players like Su Mucheng, she definitely has an iron will and heart like no other. If people only get to know her background I think they’ll understand why Tang Rou acts that way and why she’s badass in everything she does.

Feng Baobao

Hitori no Shita Feng Baobao

Sometimes, I am asking myself if Feng Baobao is really a girl? But yeah, she’s not the conventional female donghua character that we often had, she’s bizarre but at the same time cool. There’s no denying that by pure martial arts alone, she’s one of the strongest in Hitori no Shita: The Outcast.

Yanling Ji

Surprisingly, this so-called witch eventually became one of my favorites from Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens. Her skills in martial arts and sorcery always brought a dazzling fight worth watching.

Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens donghua Yanling Ji

She’s one of the few characters who can withstand fighting the demon Blood Marquess Bai Yifei. Among the remnants of Baiyue, she’s one of the best fighters. Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens never lack strong and powerful female characters, there are also Zinu and Nong Yu but I think in this list, I’ll have to incline to Yanling Ji occupy the final spot in this list.

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