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5 Anime About Firefighters That Promises a Fiery Ride for its Viewers

Yu AlexiusNovember 1, 2022

I have always been a fan of anime that focuses on several occupations as one of its key elements in delivering its story. For example, those anime about medicine where we follow doctors like Black Jack, an anime about making anime, and a whole lot more. So, is the topic in our post for today, an anime about firefighters where one risks their life to save other people.

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Fire Force Season 1 Netflix 5 Anime About Firefighters That Promises a Fiery Ride for its Viewers

According to Anime-Planet, these anime about firefighters are those that featured professionals who had been employed to extinguish fires and rescue those whose lives are threatened by them. At times, it is an anime that revolves around the profession itself, while it may also mean simply having one of the main characters registered firefighter.

In regards to this, I have prepared a short list but definitely a fiery recommendation of anime about firefighters that fans can check and watch at their own convenient time if they enjoy stories like this. In fact, this list includes various anime from different genres too, ranging from shounen to ecchi, and a bit of old-school anime classic.

5 Anime About Firefighters

Fire Force

Enn Enn no Shouboutai | I am starting the list with one of the most popular shounen anime in recent years and that is Fire Force. An exciting and truly enjoyable story about an orphan who joined the fire brigade. However, they are not the typical firefighters, they save people from fire but in this anime, this fire includes walking combusted human beings called internals.

Fire Force anime

We follow the adventure of these firefighters with special powers – fire-wielding abilities, and their team against the evil cult who wish to plague the world into the fire of oblivion and summon a great cataclysmic that almost annihilate humanity from the face of the Earth before.

What makes this anime fiery? Well, there are plenty of great fight scenes, hot and stunning characters – both men and women – literally, their hawwwt! Fun and interesting characters, unique and intriguing story, and a whole lot more.


Quite similar to Fire Force where a massive firestorm had given birth to fire-wielding mutants. Now, we follow the story of the leader of a terrorist group who has this fire-wielding power and the Fire Department that stands in their way.

Promare movie anime about firefighters

This anime film about fire-wielding mutants is a must-watch as it features great animation quality from Studio Trigger, and it also gives off a bit of a BL vibe, a slight bromance that many fujoshi and fudanshi might actually enjoy.

Ride Your Wave anime movie

Next in our list is not an anime about firefighters to be specific but one of its main characters is. This romantic and tragic anime film is among the movies that give me so much heartbreak. Here, we follow the story of Hinako and Minato. Their meeting and everything that took place. Ride Your Wave is a story of healing, finding purpose, and falling in love with life.

94735l 5 Anime About Firefighters That Promises a Fiery Ride for its Viewers

Coming next in the list is more of a regular yet relatable story, a real anime about firefighters I must say as we follow the story of Daigo Asahina, a firefighter who will not hesitate to throw himself on fire just to save more lives especially if time itself is the enemy. This anime movie from 1999 is filled with so much drama and life lessons too to ponder upon.

Fire in His Fingertips

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou | A classic ecchi with at least a real storyline intended for well, female viewers. Fire in His Fingertips is definitely the hottest anime on this list if we have to talk about human physique and heart at the very least.

Fire in His Fingertips anime

Now, this anime is a story about childhood friends, our girl is an office worker who often enjoys the heroic tales of her childhood friend, a firefighter. It started with her setting up her childhood friend to her female co-workers until she find out that a different spark was ignited deep within her when our guy saves her from a fire that took place in the building where she lived.

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