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Cat’s Tea (Mao Zhi Ming) Donghua Adaptation to Air on October 26 on Bilibili

Yu AlexiusOctober 26, 2021

Cute girls but with feline vibes? Don’t be surprised, we’re getting a lot of magical cliche in this upcoming short donghua from bilibili called Cat’s Tea or Mao Zhi Ming. However, this is not just your casual chibi or cute donghua, it does pack some punch as it features well-animated and solidly flashy fight scenes that could put some of the popular action-donghua out there to shame. Just imagine watching cute characters in their fluffy appearance but having the entertaining vibes of a popular shounen and isekai anime.

Cats Tea Donghua Mao Zhi Ming Cat's Tea (Mao Zhi Ming) Donghua Adaptation to Air on October 26 on Bilibili
Cat’s Tea, Photo Credit: TRCARTOON, Bilibili

Mao Zhi Ming (Cat’s Tea) Donghua Overview

The upcoming donghua is adapted on a manhua of the same title which was written and illustrated by Hou Chun Liang. The manhua itself is an adorable comedy and fantasy story which features the very typical transmigration and isekai cliche, lightning strike and got transported to another world, now that sounds familiar, isn’t it?

The young girl Moli who was about to enter high school was struck by lightning while running late and was sent to the Continent of Mingzu. What is this, so it’s a Q version of a world?! What about the promised beautiful youth! Oh well, at least everyone is half beast~ I’ll reluctantly join in for the time being! The status of a magician or some other heavy responsibilities like that, I don’t want it. I just want to foolishly spend my sweet time being. Selfish!

Source: Snowy Index

Animation Studio and Release Date

Cat’s Tea donghua adaptation is scheduled for release on October 26 until December 14, 2021 for a total of 9 episodes with an 8-minute duration each. TRCARTOON is animating the donghua with bilibili as the producer. The manhua’s author Hou Chun Liang is also serving as the director and scriptwriter of the series.

Trailers & PVs

The production committee of Cat’s Tea had released several PVs and teaser trailers for the donghua that highlights the hilarious adventure of the main character in the magical land of half-beast people.

Where to Watch Cat’s Tea Online?

Now, you must be thinking about where you can watch the donghua upon its release on October 26? Worry no more because fans can enjoy watching its hilarious and cute story on bilibili on its official page below which also features all the available teasers and updates about the series:

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