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Foreordination (Yinhe Zhi Xin) Donghua Release & Updates

Yu AlexiusOctober 18, 2022

There is a new action and sci-fi donghua that fans should look forward to from Bilibili and that is Forerdination or Yinhe Zhi Xin. Some sources cited that the donghua is also called Foreordination instead of Forerdination, it’s just a 1-letter difference and still sounds the same, either way, it is still the same show and promises another space adventure.

Foreordination donghua poster 1

Foreordination (Yinhe Zhi Xin) Announcement

The donghua is adapted from the award-winning Chinese novel called Yinhe Zhi Zin: Tian Chui Rimu by author Jiang Bo (also known as Suiyue Baifen). The donghua adaptation which is also known as The Heart of the Galaxy was announced during the 2021 Annual Event by Bilibili on which the Chinese company has unveiled its list of future projects for 2022 and onwards.


When mankind was wiped out, Li Yaosu was sent to seek help from the powerful human civilization in the heart of the galaxy. When the crisis spreads across the entire star field, how will Li Yaosu fight for a chance? Salvation and hope are close at hand, but the direction of the heart is in the vast galaxy.

Alright, as many of you might have guessed, Forerdination is another Chinese sci-fi donghua with antics like space adventure and aliens. Yeah, if we’re craving for more stories like those from Knights on Debris, and Ling Long: Incarnation, then you have found the next donghua that you should binge-watch and that is Forerdination.

Animation Studio & Release Date

Studio Chosen is handling the production of the Foreordination donghua adaptation. The studio also worked on the sci-fi donghua Swarm (Hei Men) and the upcoming The Flame Imperial Guards (Chi Yan Jinyiwei). It is scheduled for release on October 25, 2022; one of the Bilibili releases this month along with No Doubt In Us Season 2, My Three-Thousand Years Journey to the Sky, and the ever-popular The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 3.

Foreordination Donghua Key Poster

The Foreordination voice cast includes Ma Zhengyang playing Li Yaosu, Duan Yixuan as Minnie, Ling Zhenhe as Kenan, Wang Jiaming as Gu Lite, and Lucy as Kate to name a few of them.

Trailers & PVs

The official page of Bilibili Animation on Weibo had been posting promotional videos and character featurettes for the donghua and you can check them here: Forerdination Weibo

The full CGI donghua is the newest addition to the wide array of Chinese 3D animation, another show for the fans who enjoyed it to add to their watchlist. I must say that the donghua features gorgeous character designs that rather look realistic, and it reminds me of A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, and Face on Lie character designs.

Foreordination also showcases a rich and beautiful 3D setting of its story, while most of it might take place in space, the fortresses, ships, and structures are all convincing as if I am watching Alien films or Star Trek, and it even reminds me of the Hollywood film Prometheus.

Where to Watch Foreordination?

Fans can check out its official page on Bilibili here: Yinhe Zhi Xin. It’ll be available on your favorite donghua and anime websites too.

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