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Cosplay, Photography, Rape and Carl Soriano

OtakucosplayPHSeptember 5, 2022

Last week a video interview hosted by Raffy Tulfo regarding a complaint by a certain teenage girl against a certain Carlo Soriano circulated in Youtube and Facebook.  As of today this video was deleted since the YouTube account appears to have been deleted.  There was also no copy of the video elsewhere.  What happened to the incident? Did Carl Soriano manage to get out of it again?

Who is Carl or Carlo Soriano?

Carl Nikoshiro Soriano is a cosplayer and had gained notoriety as a scammer.  He used to get cosplay costume commissions and even posted cosplay crafts which is not even his own.  In one incident during an event he was involved in a fight incident with cosplayer Lionel Uy due to his scamming antics.

He had been inactive in cosplay for a long time now until the recent news abouit a complaint of a model surfaces and tagged him as the rapist.  The girl specifically narrates how he tried to molest her as Carl Soriano pretended to be a legit photographer and events organizer.  The girl even paid for the transportation and hotel room.

Cosplay, Photography and Rape

Unlike cosplay a few years back, today's cosplay includes not only those who truly know what cosplay is but also people who sees it as a way to gain fame.  The image of cosplaying is blurred by people who equates them to Alodia, Ashley and even Myrtle.

Photographers on the other hand are also rampant, as long as they have DSLRs they are now photographers.  They would be at conventions and shoot sexy dressed cosplayers specially revealing ones.  At some point they would even invite them to private shoots or cosplayers would propose a private shoot whose themes are often times revealing and intimate as well.

Rape and molestation is a result of many things and once a hobby gets mainstream the natural human urge sets in.  There are those who would try to use their skills to lure someone to trade sexual urges in exchange for something they need say a costume or a cool photoshoot.  In this regard it can be the fault of either side depending on whose idea it is.

The case of Carl Soriano, as well as that which involves a costume crafter who measuring requirement requires the client to be nude are very identical.  They feed on the need to be involve in a hobby and at times to be famous.  People like them should not be welcome in the community and should be dealt with legal action.

We do hope that this issue will be resolved soon and justice will prevail.

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