Find comfort and laughter in relating to “Your Typical Pinay Millennial Mom” Jelyn Patricio - TrueID

Find comfort and laughter in relating to “Your Typical Pinay Millennial Mom” Jelyn Patricio

TrueID ClickJanuary 14, 2021


“Being a mom shouldn’t be a hindrance to following your dreams.”

Through the decades, women have steadily broken through the barriers of society’s archaic expectations, continuously redefining what it means to be a mother. And in this day and age, it’s the millennial moms who rule the world! Coming from a generation known for the “hustle is life” mantra, these parents are able to hold bustling careers regardless of whether they’re staying at home or working a traditional office setup, with childcare being a more equal endeavor between partners. 

Jelyn Patricio best represents this mentality as she utilized her extensive production experience and newfound maternal knowledge when pitching the show, Your Typical Millennial Mom at the 2020 TrueID Click x Baicon content creator competition. This hilarious yet informative show provides tips and tricks for new mommies struggling to navigate their role. 

Jelyn had a lively TrueID Click Hangout session with Karen de Vera, TrueID’s Senior Content Officer, and made chika about her go-to parenting styles, hard non-negotiables, the importance of self-care, and the luxury of pajama bottoms. Here are some of the highlights of her talk.


On Jelyn’s parenting style: 

Jelyn is very easygoing and agreeable as a person but when it comes to caring for her son Jaeden, she sets boundaries that help develop his character. “Actually, G na G [akong tao pero with my son it’s actually like] ‘No Jaeden, no Jaeden!’ she says laughing while recalling their mother-and-son interactions. She continues, “As a first-time mom, I tend to be very protective, there are many fears but along the way, these are lessened. It is a learning process. Aja lang!”


On millennial dads: 

Jelyn observes that dads now are very supportive of their wives, cheering their significant others on as they pursue hobbies and passions. She adds, “There is also an equal share in household chores, if before, the mom does everything, now you have dads who cook and do the laundry. Shout out sa mga millennial dads diyan!


On prioritizing her own well-being: 

Jelyn encourages fellow mommies to set aside time for some much-needed sanity maintenance and lay down self-care non-negotiables. She quips, “Even a simple five-minute skin routine [would work].” She was even quick to show off her comfortable pajama bottoms during the livestream interview, emphasizing that we should do the little things that make us happy. 

She continues, “Thanks to my husband and my mom, I am able to make sure that these non-negotiables are followed. It really takes a village to take care of a child [and so] we help each other [out!]”

She firmly believes that caring for herself also helps her become better at caring for others. “Some of my non-negotiables include reading the Bible in the morning [and] getting 6-8 hours of sleep [because] this prevents mommy from becoming a monster,” she explains with a laugh.


On providing words of wisdom for fellow Pinay Millennial Moms:

“We may have different parenting styles and techniques but always remember that ‘mothers know best’. I don’t judge other momsno to mom shaming!because I know how hard it is, and that is why we should all help each other. Always remember: Check your heart, follow your dreams.” 


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