Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (May 24 - May 30) - TrueID

Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (May 24 - May 30)

TrueID ClickMay 21, 2021




QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “There are events that you will encounter that may seem strange and unfamiliar at first, but eventually things will turn out better than expected.”

BUSINESS: You will finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and earn brownie points from work after toiling over a task for the past week.

FINANCES: Good news for your wallet! Money is going to keep circulating this week. You will receive financial gain without even asking for it. Negotiations and filing of documents will go smoothly as well.

RELATIONSHIPS: When your friend posts a picture online, be sure to give an encouraging reply. This will strengthen your bond with them because this week, there will be people who will need reassurance.

HEALTH: You are wealthy and healthy, Gemini! Even if you do come down with a bug, you will be able to bounce back with ease.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t let life’s plot twist discourage you from pursuing your goal. Your journey isn’t over yet!” 

BUSINESS: This week, you will come to realize that all the effort and stress you have channeled into your task, wasn’t worth the energy. A colleague may be laying on the compliments too much so just keep your ego in check. 

FINANCES: Don’t blow all your cash just yet because you will need to use your savings by the end of the week. So keep it safe and handy.

RELATIONSHIPS: You might be seeing someone under false pretenses and using your dating life as a distraction for something else. If you’re not really feeling it, just let go to prevent any heartaches later on.

HEALTH: Your mental health is at risk so you will need to stop and take a breather. Set aside time for self-care and relaxation.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Something you’ve been wishing for in the past might manifest itself very soon. Remember to manage your expectations once it appears in front of you.”

BUSINESS: You will feel very passionate about your work, Leo! All the time and effort that you’ve given to the project will yield positive results. Be that as it may, don’t get complacent just yet.

FINANCES: All your hard work has finally paid off because you will be earning a lot this week. However, there will also be certain projects that will increase your spending.

RELATIONSHIPS: Those under the Leo sign should revel in confidence. Show your partner what you’ve got and flaunt a little bit in order to deepen your relationship. Bad news is that you might also run into some trouble and feel attacked in some way.

HEALTH: Most of our lives are spent online these days, so you need to take a break and rest your eyes. If you’re the type of Leo who eats their feelings, then steer clear from junk food or you might suffer from constipation or frequent urination.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “With luck on your side, the problem that you’ve been worrying about will be resolved in due time.”

BUSINESS: You will feel seen and heard as higher-ups give you the recognition that you deserve, dear Virgo. 

FINANCES: Cash flow has greatly improved this week! Thanks to dedicated discussion among your peers, you will generate a lot of income through subsidized efforts. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Don’t act on impulse or you might cause a misunderstanding between you and your partner. Take a step back  from the situation and cool off so you can return with a more positive mindset. 

HEALTH: You are at peak health both physically and mentally, Virgo! If you have been suffering from an illness, then you will be on the road to recovery.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “There’s a fine line between love and hate and sometimes it just blurs these two together.”

BUSINESS: Congrats, Libra! Your insurmountable task has finally been conquered and you passed with flying colors. But don’t be a sore winner and gloat because there are many colleagues who are green with envy.

FINANCES: You know that feeling when you suddenly find hidden money in your pocket? That is the equivalent of this week. You will unexpectedly save some cash thanks to the kindness of those around you. They will be more than ready to cover your expenses. 

RELATIONSHIPS: If you’re committed, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in spoiling each other a bit. When it comes to dealing with friends, your generosity may be misinterpreted as something more romantic so just dial it down.

HEALTH: This is going to be a rough week for you, healthwise. You might be feeling more sensitive and anxious than usual. Focus on doing things that make you happy. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Gather your courage and stand up for your beliefs. Rage against discrimination and fight the good fight.”

BUSINESS: Keep your emotions in check to avoid getting dragged into office drama. Your operations might get derailed a bit so use your life skills to keep things running. 

FINANCES: Spend with the intention of gaining more in the long run. It's a good week to invest in major repairs such as fixing your car or a bike. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Your heart and your head are battling it out right now due to a conflict of interests. This may cause an amusing or frustrating situation depending on your mood. When around others, keep a safe and comfortable distance.

HEALTH: You might not be feeling your best but you are doing the most when it comes to improving your physical and mental condition. Try writing down your tasks this week because you’ll be prone to forgetfulness.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t obsess about the reason behind your current situation. Your best bet is to focus on taking the next step toward a solution.”

BUSINESS: Thanks to being thrown into a totally different role, you will be able to unlock new abilities that you can put to good use moving forward. Great going there, Sagittarius!

FINANCES: This week, you will receive a good kind of surprise in the form of an office bonus. There is financial potential in trading antiques that you may have lying around. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Your love affair might result in conflicting emotions because you’re uncertain whether to commit or peace out. Don’t take too long in deciding to avoid more collateral damage. 

HEALTH: Don’t overthink a medical condition and seek professional help. You might be exhibiting similar symptoms but it may be less serious than you think.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “A charming encounter may form a more serious relationship later on.” 

BUSINESS: When your colleague messes up at work, don’t prolong the agony by rudely criticizing them. Instead, point out the problem politely yet firmly. You will be recognized for your helpfulness at work.

FINANCES: You will be strapped for cash this week but a generous soul will be there to help you with expenses. 

RELATIONSHIPS: It might be fun to flirt around at first but don’t get carried away and toy with the feelings of others. You might be leading them on too much and breaking hearts left and right. If you are a committed Capricorn, don’t stray too far and make your partner feel insecure.

HEALTH: It’s about time that you air out the room and dust off the furniture to prevent any breathing problems this week. Don’t forget to pay close attention down there and keep it neat and clean.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Life may still be a little messy but you’re almost done cleaning it up.”

BUSINESS: You will earn plus points from your proactiveness this week. Rely on colleagues who have a good track record and have reputable positions in the office. 

FINANCES: If you’ve got your eyes on the prize, then you will surely reach the target. Nothing can stop you except for a possible bout of laziness. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Learn to value a mature partnership and communicate properly with love and respect. 

HEALTH: Your brain is running on overdrive so stomp on the brakes, Aquarius! Also, take the time to stretch or you will be suffering from leg cramps.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Branch out and go beyond your usual social circle and new opportunities will open up for you. ”

BUSINESS: If you are an unemployed Pisces, then this week is your chance to finally get a job. For the working Pisces, it’s a good time for you to recommend friends for job opportunities.

FINANCES: Your cash flow is average at best so you can live off your wage without struggling too much. 

RELATIONSHIPS: You will have a great time creating a genuine connection with other people. Who knows? You might even stumble into an unexpected relationship. 

HEALTH: Your eyes will feel tired and you might suffer from lower abdominal pain and soreness down there.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Enjoying life is well and good but don’t overindulge yourself and get distracted from what really matters.”

BUSINESS: You’ll get the chance to level up your work reputation! First, you must join forces with a supervisor in order to solve a major problem at the office. 

FINANCES: Your cash flow is inconsistent and when you do earn money, you won’t have time to enjoy it. Don’t let others take advantage of you by borrowing too much of your hard-earned income.

RELATIONSHIPS: It’s time to reexamine your love life and determine if you should stay with your partner. You struggle with communication, causing much annoyance. What you’re saying and what you’re feeling aren’t always the same thing. 

HEALTH: Watch where you’re going or you’ll end up with a bump on your forehead, a stiff neck or a banged knee.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Sometimes betrayal comes from a supposedly trustworthy individual who thinks they have the best intentions for you.”

BUSINESS: You are going to rock this week, Taurus. However, you need to keep an eye on your brilliant plans because someone is just waiting to snatch it away and hog all the credit.

FINANCES: You will earn a generous amount this week but it will slip through fingers due to debts that you need to pay back. Rely on your brain when it comes to any money-making ventures.

RELATIONSHIPS: Love is like an exam, you need to do your research and prepare before you take the test. Study up before you get involved so that you don’t have to go back and redo the test all over again.

HEALTH: Watch out for accidents caused by clumsiness. Also, make sure that your food is properly cooked to avoid tummy troubles.

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