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Level Up Your Self-Care Journey with Beauté Affair Luxe

GSpotOctober 17, 2022

At-home skincare routines—and perhaps staying away from the sun—may have kept our skin in great condition these past two years, but in the aftermath of lockdowns, life moves forward and we move on to greater things.

By that, we mean visiting Beauté Affair Luxe, a state-of-the-art beauty clinic located at The Space along A.S. Fortuna Street. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Luxe is the more sophisticated sister company of homegrown favorite brand Beauty Affair Hub, which has been pampering Cebuanos for seven beautiful years.

Beauté Affair Luxe, founded by the vibrant Reese Marie Borromeo, offers premium cosmetic services such as facials, laser treatments, non-invasive slimming sessions, drips, and more. It is also home to Cebu’s first-ever accredited center for French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, which champions personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis.

With the eponymous Biologique Recherche signature facial, each treatment is tailored for clients’ individual needs using specialized methods and products that have raw, pure, and concentrated ingredients.

g.spot visited Beauté Affair Luxe a few weeks ago and felt immediately welcomed by the accommodating staff and elegant interiors. The space was done in neutrals with splashes of old rose and gold, giving off a very classy yet modern vibe. There are four well-appointed rooms, including a dedicated one for Biologique Recherche services.

Our afternoon affair began with a session with Beauté Affair Luxe’s face analyzer, which photographed our faces in various light settings to highlight sun damage, oiliness or dryness, and other issues. The result influenced the treatments that were customized for us.

For Head of Content Deneb, she was recommended the VIP O2 Booster Facial using Biologique Recherche products. This treatment is designed to detoxify and stimulate the epidermis and reoxygenate the skin tissue to address dull skin affected by urban pollution.

“I had a relaxing treatment. All the products were massaged carefully into my skin,” she shares afterward. “They even massaged certain pressure points to help boost and detoxify my skin.” The result? Glowing and luminous skin in just one session, though Beauté Affair recommends getting it done once or twice a month for even better results.

Meanwhile, I happily volunteered to try the Luxewave, a more modern, milder, and near-painless form of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). It was a non-invasive way to sculpt my cheeks and chin, which unfortunately saw some extra fat given the stress of the pandemic. Weeks after the treatment, I’m still enjoying the benefits of my cheeks and jawline looking more contoured! For someone just looking to remove some excess weight, this treatment is good for three to six months, but if you have sagging skin, it’s recommended to repeat once a month.

Other services worth trying are the Pico Lumuniscence for instant underarm whitening and the Crystal Vacuum Therapy to freeze fat cells and help you lose weight. Beauté Affair Luxe also offers Cat’s Eyes to pull the eye into a more almond shape, and the Haiku Nose Thread Lift, a non-invasive way of achieving a more defined nasal bridge. The latter is definitely something I’m interested in, and the fact that all Beauté Affair Luxe treatments are done (or supervised, for some services) by doctors makes me feel more encouraged to pursue one of these days.

Reese sent us off with a couple of Biologique Recherche products to cap off our visit, and they were great additions to our skincare routines, especially helping Deneb prolong the effects of her signature facial.

After two long years of self-care from home, being able to relax and enjoy at a beauty clinic under the care of professionals is a refreshing change of pace and environment, and something that’s worth indulging in as we move forward with our lives.

Blossom into the best version of you with Beauté Affair Luxe. Visit them at the second floor of The Space along A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, or call them at 0977 759 4838 to book an appointment.

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