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Victoria’s Secret? Missing crown? Unraveling Rabiya Mateo’s national costume

TrueID ClickMay 14, 2021


Photo credit: Lazada/YouTube, Aces and Queens/instagram

Eto na, mga mamsh! One of the most awaited parts of the Miss Universe pageant just took place today (or tonight depending on where in the world you’re watching right now). May pasabog muli ang ating Miss Universe Philippines in the fashion department. 

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Ang mahal nating reyna gracefully strutted out, flaunting her wings like she is Miss Ibong Adarna. The Philippine national costume was designed by the late great Rocky Gathercole. ICYDK: The multicolored wings are quite heavy weighing at a whopping 21 kilos. Feeling tuloy namin, parang binuhat ni Rabiya Mateo ang bigat ng buong bansa. Some pageant stans have also noted that the outfit is reminiscent of the iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show to which Mateo shared the same sentiments.


Photo credit: Lazada/Twitter/YouTube

In a pre-rampa video released by the official Miss Universe Twitter page, Mateo says of the outfit, “I feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel right now! And I’m gonna fly,” complete with her winning smile and baywang movements.

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Kaya naman mabilisan nag-trend ang Victoria’s Secret after Mateo talked about living out her supermodel fantasy. Baka naman makinig ang fashion brand and hopefully get our beauty queen to walk the runway in the future.

Based on the pre-pageant costume photos, there was something missing from the final runway look. There was supposed to be a matching crown designed by Manny Halasan to top off the whole ensemble. 


Photo credit: noypreneur/Twitter, Tito Norman/Facebook

Reportedly, masyadong maluwag ang sun-inspired headdress kaya hindi na lang sinama sa look. Sayang naman! Sana they can use it for another fashion moment! Tutal, magaling naman mag-improv si madam.

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Regardless of the “what ifs” surrounding the Philippine national costume, the message of the feathery wardrobe rings true. As the voiceover commentary goes, “This outfit is inspired by the Philippine flag. The blue represents royalty, red stands for the courage and strength of an independent woman. Yellow, the color of the sun and stars symbolizes hope and freedom to choose whoever you want to be.”

That’s right! Freedom as in kalayaan na buwis-buhay ipinaglaban ng ating mga ninuno! During uncertain times, this is the kind of assurance we need right now to keep going. For Filipinos, watching the Miss Universe competition is more than just for entertainment purposes. This is also an opportunity to take a break from the stressful grind and enjoy the pomp and pageantry of it all.

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