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7 Practices to Manifest Your Way Through Life

GSpotAugust 24, 2021

The Law of Attraction works—it’s just a matter of finding the technique that suits you. Here are seven practices to inspire you to start your manifestation.

When people say “the future is in your hands,” they are completely serious about it. And it’s not just referring to the changes that you give out to the world, but the words that you write on a single piece of paper every day, week, or month, whichever you prefer, that will help you identify the kind of life you want to live in the future.

This simple yet pivotal act that will help you move forward in life is what we call the law of attraction or the law of manifestation. You may have heard this for quite some time now, especially with its continuous growth of interest and sharing among individuals in social media.

Or if you’re unaware enough, you may have been doing this for a long time now without even realizing it.

Manifestation goes way back even before we existed. One of the notable authors named Helena Blavatsky believed that our thoughts speak volumes on how we define ourselves and our capabilities. Most importantly, she emphasized one’s ability to create their ideal reality.

As surprising and unbelievable as it sounds, our own thoughts and words indeed help pave the way for the life we wish to be in. Sure, it may feel like it’s a long and tiring ride, but it’s the destination that one would want to be in.

Without delaying this any further, go grab your nearest pen and notebook, and let’s get to manifesting!


A method inspired by Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, and his awe-inspiring spiritual enlightenment, highlights the significance of such numbers to be deemed worthy as ‘divine numbers’ or simply the key to the universe.

It is believed that the number 3 is an immediate connection to the universe, meanwhile, number 6 portrays the strength one has for themselves, and number 9 guides through upon releasing any form of negativity out of our system.

When doing this technique, the only requirement needed is your pen, journal, and desired manifestation. After one’s finished identifying what they wish to manifest in this life, the next step that should be done is writing them in your notebook. With the numbers acting as a guide, the manifestation should be written 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the midday, and 9 times before going to bed.

It is also advised to use the present tense in your writing as if claiming that your manifestation is already yours and existing at this moment. And of course, consistency in doing this is just as important as it will help you reach your desired dream one writing at a time.

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Holding a great significance in numerology with 5 being the master of change and transformation, and 55 representing independence, freedom, and power within oneself, these numbers are believed to help enrich your manifestation effort and process.

The 5×55 or 55×5 technique also refers to the fast manifesting technique, which helps in controlling one’s energy vibrations. After all, one’s desired goal is achieved when their energy and vibration matches with it. So it’s best to be at your highest level to meet your desired goals.

Upon using this method, one should choose first an affirmation that resonates with their desired goal. It is important to keep in mind that this should be simple and short for it to have a direct reflection towards the goal. And as always, this should be in the present tense.

As soon as it has been chosen, the next step is to write the said affirmation in your respective journal 55 times for 5 days consecutively. Keep in mind that you should stay in the present moment and try not to let your mind wander when writing down your affirmation.

Once you’re set, let your manifestations out in the window. It is advised not to obsess and worry over this too much and learn to release any form of expectations. Trust in the process, trust in the universe and its timing. After all, what’s meant for you will come to you.


Positive affirmations are one of the most common types of manifestation methods, which can take in either verbal and written form. This also helps in reprogramming the mind into alignment with the desired life one wishes to live in.

When writing or saying affirmations, it must be done filled with emotions and in the present tense. The chosen affirmations should be simple and direct, and most importantly connect closely with the highest and greatest version of self.

Once you’re set, repeat these affirmations during meditation or before going to bed. Repeat it until it’s true.

Gratitude Journal

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When one’s in the process of manifesting, it is important to give way and appreciate the abundance that is surrounding you. We are too focused on the things we lack to the point we fail to acknowledge the blessings that are already within us.

And a gratitude journal is one way of reminding ourselves of the good things that are already in our life.

In doing this, you should take a few minutes of your time, especially before bedtime or upon waking up, to list down all the things you are grateful for that have happened in your life in a specific manner. You may do it at least 15 minutes per day, 3 times a week to fully connect and ground yourself with it.

Each time we give ourselves a moment to write down and reflect on the blessings that we have, it becomes easier for us to recognize our desired goals while remaining grateful for what we have.

Intention Journal

Another impactful form of manifesting your desired dreams and life is by setting your intentions.

It is important to acknowledge one’s intentions that align with your highest self. Whether these intentions are set for a certain day, week, or month, ensure that these are done out of bringing out the greatest version of yourself.

Write down at least 3 to 5 things you intend to do at that certain time, either in detail or broad form. And if you do plan to do an intention journal once a month, it is recommended that you make it a habit of doing it during the new moon as it is an ideal time, especially with its powerful energy.


Just like movies, the script is the most important thing to have to represent a story in an ideal and clean manner. And in terms of manifesting, this is also one of the most effective ways to bring our dream life to reality.

Scripting requires nothing but pure writing in which you narrate your story in such a way that is told in the present tense. Think of it as if you are writing a novel for yourself except it has already happened before you even knew it.

And just like every manifestation method, when scripting, you should set the right intentions that release positive feelings. Take a break, go for a run, or do some reading to help you squeeze out your creative juices. Do anything that brings out the best in you.

Vision Board

When words fail, let pictures speak for themselves.

A vision board, or dream board, helps you express your manifestations in the form of art. In a way, it’s like a personal scrapbook that represents your ideal life and desired ambitions you wish to achieve and have.

While this allows you to expand and venture on your creative side, it is still important for you to identify the goals you want to achieve and give priority to. This form of manifestation still requires a structured form to create a smooth and organized flow when presenting your goals.

If you’d like, you can divide your vision board into a nine-section Bagua and write down on each box your goals. In this way, you can give importance to what you wish to accomplish in life. And, although this emphasizes photographs, you can still cut down certain words you wish to bring into your life by cutting them from a magazine or any form of printed material.

Don’t limit yourself within the walls of your mind, so long as what you’re presenting helps you reach your greatest and highest self.

In short, manifestation comes in different forms and works differently for each individual. What fits for one person may not work for another, and that’s completely fine.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your intention.

Always keep your intentions clear and honest, and most importantly, a great contributor to your highest and best form of yourself. Ensure that what you have set out for yourself will help you grow and prosper while remaining grounded to your true ambition.

And always remember, the future is in your hands. You have the power to create your ideal life no matter what universe you’re in, and no one can take that away from you.

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