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5 Dress Codes and How to Follow Them

GSpotOctober 19, 2022

The first time I heard of dress codes was in high school. I never thought dress codes could also be applicable even after school. But then, dress codes in school are different.

Dress codes have evolved over time. It started as gender-biased—if you noticed—often targeting women like ”no cleavage” or “skirts’ length should be two inches below the knee.” Yet fashion equality has been fought for in more recent years—women can now even wear men’s clothes and vice versa.

Ever gotten so confused with dress codes? I got you covered.

Here’s an easy guide for dress codes using staples you may already have in your closet. With holiday parties right around the corner, this article should serve as a handy reference on what to wear for them!


Casual vibes with the Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler, a favorite of off-roader enthusiasts.
  • Relaxed or comfortable outfit—but not in workout clothes or sweats
  • Not too dressed up
  • You could go for denim pants, a tank top or shirt, and some closed shoes or flats. I’ve been loving loafers lately!
  • Another option is a summer dress or a jumpsuit.


Leveling up smart-casual looks with a sportscar like the Mercedes-AMG A 35 hatchback.
  • A step above casual. The goal is to make sure you look put-together.
  • Choose nicer fabrics. Avoid using denim when possible but if you must, don’t use tattered or ripped ones.
  • Alternatively, you can wear a pencil skirt or khaki trousers. 
  • Polish off the look with a blazer.


Girl-boss moments with the quintessential Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class
  • An outfit that says you’re ready to party!
  • You can never go wrong with an LBD, midi bodycon, or a lacy cocktail dress.
  • You can opt for a flowy dress too, but avoid floor-length ones so you don’t look too overdressed for the occasion.

Business Formal

Getting things done with Mercedes-Benz’s versatile luxury compact SUV, the GLB
  • Perfect for an office environment, corporate events, or for your next job interview.
  • A suit is a go-to, or opt for coordinates—matching blazer and trousers or skirt—if you want to tone it down slightly.
  • Sleek and conservative
  • Use simple jewelry for accessories and go for closed-toe shoes.
  • Color suggestions when mixing or matching: Gray, black, white, navy blue, or light blue.

Black Tie or Formal

Going all out in the luxury executive SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Full-length dress. Opt for an elegant floor-length gown made from luxurious fabrics.
  • Go bolder with your make-up, and take more time styling your hair to compliment your look. For this shoulder-baring ensemble, I went for an updo.
  • Break out the high heels! They also make you stand a bit differently and add to the glamour.

Now, dress codes in my own perspective, I see as going with the theme or setting a specific vibe when entering the room. You can break them, but only when you know the rules. After all, the world is my runway.

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