Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (May 17 - May 23) - TrueID

Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (May 17 - May 23)

TrueID ClickMay 14, 2021



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Stop being a stubborn bull and learn how to be more open-minded toward new ideas.”

BUSINESS: The work environment can be shaky at times because you’re still establishing the pace. Expect tons of paperwork that will require your keen attention to detail and every ounce of patience that you can summon. Perhaps a relaxing meditation session is also in order.

FINANCES: If needed, you’ll be receiving financial support from trusted people. Remember that it’s okay to spend a little but you must also save a little as well. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Don’t let pride and ego get the better of you this week! Your attempt at “keeping it real” during a conversation may backfire and be deemed offensive. 

HEALTH: Watch where you’re going to avoid getting injuries caused by doors or elevators. Also, be careful when handling sharp objects like pliers or scissors to avoid getting hurt.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “When inspiration strikes, don’t just let the idea stay in your head. Turn your dream into a reality and start pitching that idea.”

BUSINESS: Your compassion will work wonders on a consultancy job involving coordination with foreign companies.  

FINANCES: Geminis will receive a generous amount of money this week. However, those under the zodiac sign will also cough up a lot of cash so spend wisely.

RELATIONSHIPS: A hot-and-cold partnership will reach its inevitable conclusion. Accept it, part ways and move on. You need to accept responsibility for your actions. 

HEALTH: If you’re saddled with a difficult decision-making task, then you'll be tossing and turning in bed all night. You need to press pause and destress so you can finally go to sleep.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Have the courage to go against the grain and you’ll be sure to win big time.” 

BUSINESS: You know that saying about being “in the right place at the right time?” Well, this week is your time to shine! You’ll suddenly be thrust into a leadership position that will test how well you can push colleagues to reach their full potential.

FINANCES: If you’re good at doing something then better make sure that you’re getting paid well for it. Your unique set of skills will come in handy this week as you rake in the dough for you and the team. Just don’t splurge it all at once!

RELATIONSHIPS: You are definitely enjoying an enviable love life! However, Cancers who are in a long-term relationship need to watch their back because things could get toxic if they’re not careful. Just remember that it all boils down to having shared values with your partner.

HEALTH: Watch out for bladder and bowel problems! If you’re not careful with what you eat and drink this week, you’ll be spending most of the time on the toilet. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Remember that thing about overthinking? You’re doing it again! Don’t let your problems consume you whole.”

BUSINESS: Instead of raging against the system, make nice with the bureaucracy. You will be surprised to learn that certain public agencies will operate efficiently this week.

FINANCES: Don’t let your cash collect dust! Spend your money wisely and invest in something worthwhile. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Tread carefully in the love department, dear Leo! Your significant other might give you the cold shoulder out of nowhere. To investigate further might start a battle that you’re not ready to fight.

HEALTH: The memory of an old school bully might mess with your head, so be careful! A massage is also in order to prevent leg strain and achy bones.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “It’s time to face the music and confront your problems. You’re going to need major brain power to solve this issue once and for all.”

BUSINESS: Are you struggling with an assigned task? Don’t worry because you’ll be able to improvise your way toward actually acing the job. It will be tricky at first but you’ll eventually establish a nice cadence later on.

FINANCES: Keep the faith because an amazing money-making opportunity is right around the corner.

RELATIONSHIPS: It’s a good week for family-oriented Virgos. On the other hand, single Virgos might get sidetracked from their goal of securing a lasting relationship.

HEALTH: It’s high time for a gentle scrub down and get that skin glowing to avoid blisters, rashes, allergies and the like. You might also encounter a poop problem so keep that gut clean.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Keep your actions low-key but work efficiently and your efforts will flourish.”

BUSINESS: Libras will be adulting hard this week by continuing a previously assigned task. There will be difficulty finding breaks in between the grind but just keep pushing on and you’ll do great.

FINANCES: You will be earning tons from an independent hustle so keep that cash flowing in the bank. Don’t forget to keep all your financial records in order to prevent future problems.

RELATIONSHIPS: Did last week feel like you were running through an obstacle course of emotions? This week you can finally catch your breath and chill because the people around will be more understanding of your plight. Single Libras might be able to figure out the identity of a secret admirer. 

HEALTH: Good job at taking care of your body because you are in the pink of health! But that doesn’t mean you can let go of yourself now. After all, there are certain diseases that are still on the loose.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Take a trip down memory lane by recalling past experiences that may still be applicable today.”

BUSINESS: The nostalgia is real as you revisit a past job while coordinating with an associate from abroad. 

FINANCES: There may be some ups and downs but there won’t be any major money problems on the horizon. However, this doesn’t mean you should be careless with your cash.

RELATIONSHIPS: Your love life will appear out of nowhere and progress pretty quickly. Yes, even if everyone is socially distancing from each other, it’s going to happen.

HEALTH: Keep calm and keep the good vibes flowing. Turn off any distractions that might disrupt your sleep or you might end up having stressful dreams.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “A shiny new idea may spark interest at the moment but don’t let it take over your whole life.”

BUSINESS: Try revamping an old idea for a new project. Trust in the process and you’ll be surprised by the results. 

FINANCES: Those under the Sagittarius sign will have deep pockets lined with cash. However, those very same pockets might have a hole in them because you’ll end up spending the same amount of cash that you’ll earn. Consider making an investment that will give you more allowance in your bank account.

RELATIONSHIPS: Be careful with your heart, Sagittarius! Falling in love may come easily but unfortunately, you’ll end up falling out of it just as quickly. When on the hunt for prospects, steer clear of people who are just as opinionated as yourself because it will not be a good match.

HEALTH: Stay away from food that’s raw or difficult to digest and you’ll be fine.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Rely on logic rather than feelings to resolve your problem. Revisiting past experiences will also help you come up with a better solution.” 

BUSINESS: Now is the chance to flex your managing muscle as you support your boss at work. You must act as your supervisor’s cheerleader in order to accomplish the project with flying colors.

FINANCES: You will be hustling hard this week in order to really earn your pay day. You might also need to set aside cash to do some shopping for yourself.

RELATIONSHIPS: Your love blossoms like a flower so you should also devote enough time to take care of it. Capricorns in a committed relationship can spice things up by being adventurous with their partner. Just make sure that they are healthy enough to go along with it.

HEALTH: Whether you’re a male or female Capricorn, you must summon the powers of a specialist to check if everything is functioning well down there.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The only thing constant is change so you need to adjust accordingly.”

BUSINESS: If you’re doing business with a relative or a friend who’s like family, then you’re going to have a bad time. Remember to bring your A-game and roll with the punches to avoid a possible legal battle down the line. 

FINANCES: Do you have any plans of investing your money? You’re going to need to put a pin on that for now because you need to spend on necessities this week.

RELATIONSHIPS: There might be something sketchy going on but you can’t be sure yet. Is your jealousy in the right place or are you just imagining things? You need to be more objective about the situation and really sort out your feelings first.

HEALTH: The heat is on this week so there’s a big chance that you might get burned. Be careful when handling hot objects!



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Your life is on the straight and narrow so just enjoy the smooth journey right now.”

BUSINESS: Pisces who are looking for a job will have better luck in landing a good gig this week. Those who are currently employed will level up in their department. Those under this zodiac sign will encounter tasks that are connected to the arts and sciences.

FINANCES: If you’re short on cash, some close pals will have your back. Expect some company-related cash advances or reimbursements in your future. Continue working hard and you may find new ways to earn more cash.

RELATIONSHIPS: This week is all about communication and learning how to make a joint decision that benefits both parties. Don’t forget that relationships take a lot of work so couples need to always see the bigger picture.

HEALTH: Make sure to only consume clean and carefully prepared meals because you’re at risk for food poisoning. Don’t eat anything that might cause any heart problems.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Before offering to help others, you need to first identify your motivation. Is there a self-serving reason behind your altruism? ”

BUSINESS: Don’t be a martyr for the company, dear Aries. Others may take advantage of your kindness and throw you under the bus to save their own hide. Take care of yourself and make sure you’re not wasting energy on useless pursuits.

FINANCES: Know your worth and get the pay day that you deserve. Be on the lookout for more money-making opportunities as well. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Strike a balance between your heart and your head because you might get swept up in your romantic feelings. You’ll be tempted to build your life around this relationship but you might also run the risk of cutting out a big career opportunity for yourself.

HEALTH: Set a reminder to keep drinking water throughout the day to avoid a possible heat stroke.

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