Pangasinan positivity rate climbs to 10.9%: OCTA - TrueID

Pangasinan positivity rate climbs to 10.9%: OCTA

Philippine News AgencySeptember 14, 2022

MANILA – The positivity rate or the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in Pangasinan increased to 10.9 percent as of Sept. 12, the OCTA Research Group said on Wednesday.

Over Twitter, OCTA Research Group fellow Dr. Guido David said the figure is a 4-point increase from 6.9 percent as of Sept. 10.

"Pangasinan, just like Rizal, is having a spike in new Covid-19 cases," he said.

Pangasinan's seven-day average of new Covid-19 cases had a one-week growth rate of 92 percent -- from 36 (Sept. 6) to 69 (Sept. 13).

“The one-week growth rate was previously at 8 percent,” David said.

Its reproduction number or the number of persons a case could infect increased from 1.10 (Sept. 3) to 1.40 as of Sept.10.

Its average daily attack rate is “low” at 2.18 per 100,000 individuals.

In epidemiology, the attack rate is the percentage of an at-risk population that contracts a disease during a specified time interval.

"The healthcare utilization rate for Covid-19 remained low at 17 percent while the intensive care unit occupancy also remained low at 17 percent," Guido said.

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