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13 Best Howl-loween Costumes for Your Pets

GSpotOctober 26, 2021

It’s almost howl-oween and as a pet owner, it’s another excuse holiday to dress up your home buddies, am I right?

There are countless costumes and howl-oween inspired outfits for your pets to try on, from superhero-themed outfits to creepy spider costumes that are waaay too cute and spooky!

As a pet lover myself, I believe it is my most furry duty to find the 13 best Halloween costumes for your pets so you can walk them around the neighborhood and unleash the Halloween spirit within them.


Perhaps the 2007 horror film The Mist wouldn’t be so scary if the creature looks like this? Who would’ve thought such a nightmare can become an adorable, paw-fect dream! Just make sure you remember dressing your fur babies up to avoid a mini heart attack while you’re grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning!


When the pup won’t cooperate, worry not, oh fur parents, for Instagram has come up with the simplest solution: Have them wear a sheet with holes for their eyes and snout, and viola, Ghost Dog is born! What’s not to love? It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s actually the most affordable pet costume out there


The pup-arazzi will surely be all over you and your brave, cute, furry dog when you dress them up as none other than Thor! What can I say? Dogs are, and will always be our heroes of happiness! It might be ironic, dressing them up as The God of Thunder when in reality, they go cowering under our tables and beds during lightning and thunderstorms. But hey, at least you can play ‘fetch’ with their hammer costume. It’s still a win, ya’ll!


Did somebody say treat? Because *woof woof woof* they’re such a snack! Who could EVER resist taking a snap of these adorable hot dogs dressed up in… well, hotdogs! It may not be scary and very Halloween-esque, but it sure looks adorable and fun!


These little furballs don’t meow, they ROOAAR! Purr-haps it’s time to unleash their ferocious side as you get to dress your kitties as their cousins from the wild this Halloween season!


If these kitties ain’t getting their fishies this Halloween, they swear to take matters into their own hands! They can either be a dashing sailor or a daring pirate — there is no in-between!


What’s Halloween without Meow-lin in the house?! Get ready to be spell-bound by your charming cat wizard this Halloween as soon as they put on the wizard hat! Oh, and did you know? You can easily knit this costume yourself if you’re in savings mode! Just look it up on the internet for easy tutorials.


While chewing on their carrots and celery one day, they came across the movie Zootopia and wanted a change in their career! Or at least that’s how it goes in my imagined storyline…

Anyways, don’t miss the opportunity to dress them up as the bravest and justice-seeking bunny in Zootopia this Halloween!



Don’t leave out your birds this spooky season and decorate their cages with the good ol classic pumpkin decors! What’s not to love about it? You get to set the Halloween mood at home and your pet birds get to enjoy a new scenery in their own little corner!


And while you’re at it, why not put on this Spongebob-inspired theme in your aquarium? Your fishies probably missed Bikini Bottom and their crabby patty lifestyle! Plus, it’s one cool design to show off to your friends not just for the spooks but all-year round… Just saying.

Cod this be any more petry-fry-ing? If you’re really dedicating yourself to the hor-roe and scares this Halloween, then get this fish tank decor! There might not be so much going on in here, but its simplicity and silence gives off a very eerie vibe to it.


You know what they say, you should never forget your roots, and neither should your pet lizard! This Halloween season, give your scaly pet the glorious and mightly moment their ancestors had as they fight off vikings and trapping princesses in their towers! You aren’t so cold-blooded as to say those dragons don’t exist, are you?


Now, this is an ‘If You Know, You Know’ type of costume. For those living under a rock, conspiracy theories have this absurd belief that the royal family are actually lizards in disguise. Hence, this lizard is wearing the Queen’s crown! Have your little, scaly pet wear this on Halloween and see who else gets it!

Now, don’t get frustrated when you can’t get that perfect Halloween costume for you and your pets because at the end of the day, it doesn’t exactly matter if you look plain as day or rocking those spooky outfits. The most important thing is that the both of you still get to enjoy and bond together – but oh, don’t forget the treats!

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