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Deedee Villegas: The Gentle Soul Beneath the Tattoos

GSpotAugust 18, 2021

Deedee Villegas speaks out about overcoming your insecurities, embracing them, and using them to your advantage looks like.

In a world that constantly showers us with beauty standards, here comes a voice that dares to shatter these expectations.

One glance at Deedee Villegas’ social media platforms will tell you one thing—she’s truly different. As she portrays dark-themed mystical characters with the help of her beautifully inked body, you can’t help but be amused by her unique image.

Deedee is the true definition of the word “different”, and it’s not the type of different that would make you feel ashamed, rather the type that inspires you to also embrace what makes you stand out.

Here’s a glimpse of Deedee’s struggles with her insecurities and how she managed to find the voice she currently uses to empower others.

Overcoming insecurities from the past

Just like most of us, Deedee had to go through a rough patch in her life before finding the strength that she currently holds.

She’s no stranger to bullying. She remembered being bullied as a kid for being flamboyant, gay, weird, and for being fascinated with unusual things such as dark things (horror films). This led her to develop several insecurities. There was a point in her life when she hated her looks, her body, and her gender. At such a young age, she had no idea how to handle all the negativity that she was facing until she found her saving grace—acceptance, genuine friends, and a new way of expressing herself.

Deedee recalled how she slowly learned to accept her flaws. “As I grew older, I realized that the only way to handle your insecurities is to embrace them. Once you accept your flaws, nobody can ever use them against you,” she said. “Also, if you get rid of what society tells you to do, it creates a much healthier space for yourself. That is when you grow.”

She also shared how finding her tribe helped her find this healthier outlook in life.  Her newfound love for tattoos also became a cathartic method that soon became her passion. What was once an outlet to express hate, rebellion and sadness soon became a collection of her experiences and emotions. She also fell in love with this form of art which she now shares with everyone on her various social media platforms.

Embracing insecurities and gaining a voice

At present, Deedee continues to transcend beauty standards by using her insecurities to her advantage. The things that used to be her source of weakness became the very things that gave her a platform to reach out to other people who also struggle with their own inner demons.

As a social media brand ambassador, she found a venue where she could speak up and inspire others to do the same. While she transforms to other-worldly and unconventional characters (think aswangs, sigbins, and engkantos), you can’t help but be in awe at how flawlessly Deedee pulls off each character. You’ll find yourself scrolling through her different photos and changing your impression of these once-scary, now-beautiful, and captivating creatures, the same way that you’ll change your impression of Deedee after discovering her beautiful soul.

With the voice and attention she currently has, Deedee also makes sure to continue inspiring the misfits. Most of her posts come with words of encouragement that remind everyone to not be afraid of being true to themselves. Deedee has surely become the representative of the misfits, the weirdos, and the underdogs.

Message to the world

Words of comfort and advice usually don’t make sense unless coming from a person who has also experienced the same. This makes Deedee the perfect voice for victims of bullying and for others who continue to fight with their own insecurities. Thankfully, Deedee continues to inspire others to stand up and love themselves the same way she did in the past.

Be proud and don’t ever let a single soul bring you down. The process of learning how to gracefully handle toxicity is hard but it is never impossible. As you take baby steps to become the strongest version of yourself, always remember that you are not alone.

She also has only one thing to say to the world. With her sweet voice that’s filled with so much power, Deedee shouts to everyone, “Be yourself! Because life is too short to be somebody else.”

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