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Backstage with Dreamcatchers Live

GSpotAugust 18, 2021

From Marvel superheroes to Disney princesses, The Dreamcatchers bring magic into events with top-notch entertainment. Get to know their performers beyond the costumes.

Performing on stage across the globe seems like the life. But for Pami Therese Estalilla, Sunshine Atchiuppe, and Gabriel Miko Gomez, they just knew that being in musical theatre wouldn’t be a forever thing.

This led them to the thought of bringing their performances to events, and lo and behold, they were asked one fine day to perform in not just one, but two princess-themed parties — one for a Disney-loving 70-year-old lady and another for twin girls turning one — and grabbed the opportunities. Along with the demand for customized entertainment and with people having set their eyes on them, soon enough they caught their dreams and turned them into a reality.

Dreamcatchers Live is a performing group providing themed entertainment services for your parties and other events. “Our goal was to connect to the kids and make it magical for them where their favorite characters come to life before their eyes without going to a theme park abroad,” they shared. With their backgrounds in theatre, they prepared musical extravaganzas and interactive skits in full-blown costumes that are just perfect to bring smiles to everybody’s faces. Truly, a fun-filled, magical experience.

But as magical as it seems, it’s not always unicorns and rainbows. With the pandemic-imposed lockdowns, events and social gatherings were canceled left and right, which challenged the Dreamcatchers.

“We immediately struggled, as we were still paying the rent for our studio and office even without income, and our performers suffered financially from not having gigs as well,” they recalled. “We had to start taking on virtual party hosting, and each of us had to look for alternate sources of income as well.”

Yet, there was no giving up!

Looking back at the four years (and counting!), they expressed that the smiles on the clients’ faces and their positive feedback count as their biggest wins. It’s also fulfilling for them to have such an impact on the memory banks of children who remembers them even after years. “And sometimes our own dreams happen to come true in the process,” they added. “We were all once kids ourselves, dreaming to be princesses or superheroes or Harry Potter characters someday, and it sure took some time, but we’re now living those dreams too!”

Dreamcatchers Live has also opened doors and doors of opportunities for each and every one of them such as sharing the stage with renowned artists, performing in different parts of the country, and many more.

It is a bit different now from what we were used to when it comes to parties and events. There are fewer people on the guest list, safety protocols to follow, and a little less interaction with audiences just to name a few changes.

Yet Dreamcatchers are adapting to the times and innovating where they can. With their attention to detail, world-class performances, giving it their best each and every time, it’s no surprise they continue to be trusted and sought-after.

Moving forward, they wish to branch out more into the event industry by discovering other aspects of it, all with the same magic that has driven them to their success.

It all started with a dream, a dream, “to radically change how parties are done by introducing children’s theatre in party segments.” It was no bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and the wave of a magic wand. It was a decision they made that if they were to turn back time, they’d do it again. They once dreamed to create Dreamcatchers, and then they made it happen.

“This is cliché but repeat after me, kids… dreams come true!” they said with a laugh. “Okay, seriously. Don’t allow people to discourage you from chasing your dream, even when they tell you it’s impractical or you don’t have what it takes.

“None of us start out having everything it takes. All we can do is work extra hard to develop the skills we need to make it possible, then opportunities will start falling in our path. It may be a struggle and it will probably even take years, but when you get there, it’s worth it!”

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