Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (June 21 - June 27) - TrueID

Find out if the stars are aligned for you in this week’s horoscope (June 21 - June 27)

TrueID ClickJune 18, 2021




QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Feeling impatient about your personal progress? There’s no need to speed up because you’re going at just the right pace. You’ll see!”

BUSINESS: You’re currently under a lot of pressure at work and even feel overlooked at times. Be patient with yourself and keep your wits about you. Eventually, you’ll achieve glowing success. 

FINANCES: Keep hustling and you’ll get your money. The payoff may not be instantaneous but it’s going to be worth the wait. Hang on to your valuables because they may be worth a fortune later on.

RELATIONSHIPS: The single Cancer will have a chance to enjoy a fast and furious relationship. The committed Cancer must learn how to give and take with their partner by taking on each other’s duties. Both types of Cancer can look forward to an exciting end to the week.

HEALTH: Your senses aren’t quite sharp this week, which means it’s time to go on leave and rest.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Control your emotions and think before you speak. Communication is a double-edged sword and your words are always open to interpretation.” 

BUSINESS: You will do exceptionally well when dealing with communication-driven tasks such as negotiations and filing important documents. However, just like a chess game, you must carefully plan your moves ahead of time to avoid making a mistake. 

FINANCES: Remember to keep track of your money and valuables or you might end up losing or damaging them. Spend wisely and share your earnings to a good cause such as a hospital donation drive. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Everyone has their own unique experience in life and you can never truly know what a person is going through. Empathy is key so that you don’t end up risking each other’s mental health. In this case, a little distance between you and the other person is advised.

HEALTH: Don’t go near sharp objects to avoid any painful injuries.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You are free and you are constantly flowing so nothing can get in your way today.”

BUSINESS: You will be unexpectedly lucky when dealing with a dire task. Perhaps it’s because your senior colleagues will have your back and fill in the gaps of your project. 

FINANCES: You’ve got a steady flow of cash coming in so you need to get organized and start tracking your budget. Just because you’re earning a lot doesn’t mean you should spend it all away so make good and economical choices.

RELATIONSHIPS: You might find yourself acting as a couples’ counselor for others or even just mediating your own situation. If you want to have a more affectionate relationship with your partner, try to revisit some memorable anecdotes that will remind you of sweeter times. 

HEALTH: Avoid any sudden movements to prevent extreme dizziness. Use the opportunity to stretch your legs to get rid of that pins-and-needles feeling. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Be aware of the negative comments being thrown at you but don’t retaliate by saying something mean in return or you might risk losing money. Focus on speaking only good things.”

BUSINESS: There are so many tasks that need to be accomplished and they are coming from different departments in the company. How can you deal with that? You need to know your limitations and learn to say no. Also, be careful when accepting contractual obligations, especially those that deal with a lot of interest. 

FINANCES: Your words are your wealth this week and anything you say can make or break your bank. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Lay off the interrogation session, dear Libra. While you want to learn more about your partner, your actions may be seen as a violation of privacy. 

HEALTH: Focus on your oral hygiene to fight mouth sores, swollen gums and toothaches.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t pass up a good opportunity and make the most out of your luck to achieve success.”

BUSINESS: Make sure to establish good rapport with colleagues to inspire more productivity at the workplace. Their unwavering support will help you accomplish any challenge that may lay ahead! Be careful not to be taken advantage of, though!

FINANCES: You’re going to be richer this week! However, you shouldn’t spend it all in one place. Set aside money so that you can pay off the bills accumulated from last week. 

RELATIONSHIPS: You are attracting potential partners left and right because people can’t get enough of your charm. Just remember to flirt responsibly or you might earn a bad reputation.

HEALTH: Watch where you’re going because you might just trip on an uneven floor. Also, stay away from animals with sharp teeth.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Work hard and do good deeds and you’ll be blessed with great fortune.”

BUSINESS: You can’t avoid the inevitable for too long! Learn to face the challenge and overcome the obstacles that may get in your way.

FINANCES: You’ll be playing the balancing act with your budget since your cash flows in and out at an equal rate. 

RELATIONSHIPS: You might feel misunderstood and abandoned by others right now but all is not lost. This week is your chance to focus on self-improvement and increase your inner strength.

HEALTH: Watch out for online crooks and scammers who want to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. You might also be suffering from insomnia so try a relaxing ritual to help  you sleep better at night.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Dealing with other people’s drama requires a lot of sentimental labor that will leave you emotionally drained. Don’t forget to take care of both your physical and mental health.” 

BUSINESS: These are strange times for you, dear Capricorn. You will be hearing a lot of opinions from different sources regarding a particular hot button issue. Don’t let hearsay influence your actions and make your own choices. 

FINANCES: You are brilliant enough to come up with many money-making hustles so don’t worry too much. Just don’t let other people’s own cash problems interfere with your plans.

RELATIONSHIPS: You’ll be prone to mood swings so step back from the daily grind and do some self-reflection. It’s much better to be alone with your thoughts and figure things out for yourself.

HEALTH: If you’re prone to asthmatic attacks, make sure to carry your inhaler with you at all times. If you’re nursing a broken heart, your unstable emotions might physically manifest and make you feel sick. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Fate’s road has many twists and turns so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can achieve anything but first you must take a break from everything.”

BUSINESS: You may feel that you’ve hit a roadblock with your project but the truth is, it’s only  a minor delay. Don’t waste your energy stressing out because you are nearing the finish line.

FINANCES: Exciting developments are happening with your income-generating streams. You will have much-needed help when dealing with revenue as well. Watch out for a possible conflict of interest between you and a business partner so make sure to iron it out. 

RELATIONSHIPS: The committed Aquarius will have a tendency to act childish around their lover. Perhaps you are just craving a lot of affection this week. The single Aquarius might end up romancing a potential partner with a history of divorce or separation.

HEALTH: Overthinking will take a toll on your mental health so learn to chill out. Also, don’t drown your worries in alcohol because it might cause even more problems.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “When you’re struggling, you can get by with a little help from your friends.”

BUSINESS: You will be overcome with nostalgia as you reconnect with old friends and colleagues from the industry. Why not try collaborating with them on an upcoming venture?

FINANCES: You’re going to need a lot of money this week because there are expenses that need to be paid. It’s a good thing that you’ll discover some unusual sources of income brought on by the power of friendship. Remember to ask for payment in advance before starting the job. 

RELATIONSHIPS: You might be craving physical intimacy at this point but don’t let your desires lead you to making questionable decisions in the love department. This week, flirting takes a backseat to make way for platonic relationships.

HEALTH: Regardless of the season, keep wearing protective gear to shield yourself from environmental pollution. A recurring pain in the same place might be a sign to get a medical checkup.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t be intimidated by the problems in your life because you are capable of solving them. You have power over your circumstances!”

BUSINESS: You are currently facing a work problem that has proven to be very difficult. What do you do? Try busying yourself with something else first and clean up your workstation. A clean place means a clear head space. Plus, you never know what you’ll end up finding as you go through old documents and project plans. 

FINANCES: Your budget may not seem enough at the moment but that’s all going to change soon. You will have some instant cash to spend thanks to a possible gift coming your way. You’ll be a lot more organized when it comes to shopping for necessities. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Now that there’s more time to slow down our fast-paced lifestyle, the committed Aries should devote themselves to spending quality time with their lover. Avoid digging up old stories that may revive an old issue and just enjoy the peace and quiet together.

HEALTH: You will feel tired, lethargic and deal with a sore body by the end of the week. Find time to take a nap!



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Address your assumptions and clarify any misunderstandings because leaving it unresolved will only cause anger and resentment.”

BUSINESS: You might be very moody this week so refrain from any face-to-face negotiations. Otherwise, your unstable emotions may escalate the issues and cause unnecessary drama.

FINANCES: Even though you are facing bigger bills this week, you are fortunate enough to be earning just the right amount to stay out of trouble. Friends and family might also come to your rescue. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Steer clear from any emotionally fueled conversations with your partner or you might say something you’ll regret later on. You’re in a particularly critical mood so don’t speak out of turn or you might be heading towards a breakup. 

HEALTH: You are feeling very sensitive and might be prone to abdominal pain and other weaknesses. 



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Be the light that you want to see in others and treat others with kindness.”

BUSINESS: The path towards success is clearer than ever and you are so close to reaching your goal. That said, don’t let your work consume you because you still need to make time for family--they’re your lucky charm!

FINANCES: Budget wisely and spread out your payments throughout the week so that you won’t quickly run out of money. 

RELATIONSHIPS: If you’re still in the dating phase, you might experience some intimacy problems with your potential partner. When you were far apart from each other, he or she was very attentive with you. However, now that you are able to meet up in person, he or she has started to act distant. This week will really test the stability and maturity of your relationship. Good luck!

HEALTH: Eat properly because you might be at risk for stress-induced ulcers. You need to undergo both physical and mental recovery to overcome this ailment.

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