8 Local Aphrodisiacs to Get You in the Mood

GSpotSeptember 16, 2021

Attract the object of your affections or spice up your existing relationship with these eight aphrodisiacs you can find in the Philippines.

The idea of love and everything it insinuates is complicated. Perhaps we need to accept a pinch of its cruel humor before it takes a toll on us and for us to understand bits and pieces of its nature.

It’s interesting how people find love through someone’s eyes, smiles, or words to the point that their world stops, then spirals in slow motion with their heads up in the clouds. Head over heels, you would stop at nothing to have their feelings reciprocated by the ones they adore if you’re single. Or you could be with someone already, and together you’re on an endless exploration to spice up your relationship.

Whether you’re one or the other or in between, aphrodisiacs are something to explore if you want to increase the chances with your soulmate, or reignite the passion in your relationship. Here are some of the ones you can find in the Philippines.

It is the best-known aphrodisiac here in the Philippines. Contrary to what most films depict, you don’t pour this potion on your beloved’s drink or food. Instead, you mix it with your perfume and its scent would work its magic in grabbing your crush’s attention. Awesome, isn’t it?

Ifugao Love Charms from the Mountain Province

Love charms from the Kiangan Ifugaos range from ducks and chickens that must be blessed by an elder before being given to a young man, to sexual glands of crocodiles mixed with kingfisher’s brain and extracts of different herbs, to dried lizards kept in a bamboo tube. For these charms to work their enchantment, it must be done under proper methods. Who would’ve thought birds and reptiles could determine the fate of your relationship?

The Ylang Ylang Tree

The Ylang Ylang is a tree native to the Philippines and is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. It is even used as a component in the Chanel No. 5 Parfum. It may not be our natural pheromones, but at least we got perfumes, fragrances, and even scented candles that can help set the mood and intimacy inside the room.

Now, hold up! Wait a second. You mean to say you bought all these things and the flame still didn’t burn the candle and Mercury retrograde is still affecting your relationship? Perhaps it’s time to eat and dine these dishes that are believed to have aphrodisiac components in them:


Oysters are said to have amino acids that can stimulate sexual desire in both sexes, not to mention a familiar look and texture 😉 It might all be a coincidence, but you’ll never know until you try. Consider this as an experiment and squeeze those lemons on the mollusks now! If you win, props to you, if you fail, c’est la vie, you had great food.


In retrospect, they do sell it at night so perhaps Aphrodite’s vibing game is strong with this egg. Who really knows?


Are the odds still stacked up against you? Cooking anything with garlic just might be the answer to your prayers! Science has proven that this spice contributes to a person’s sensual mood as it contains a compound called allicin that increases blood flow to the sexual organs. Start chopping that garlic — unless your partner is a vampire, then maybe you need to rethink the situation…


The next time you hit the market, don’t forget to buy a bunch of bananas… and maybe be extra careful, because these phallic-shaped fruits spell nothing but wild. They contain a whole lot of Vitamin B and potassium, both of which increase our reproductive hormones. Maybe it’s not so bad to be vegan after all?

Lanciao or Soup Number 5

When the relationship is in a lethargic state, don’t be afraid to be bold and straightforward! Start cooking a pair of bull’s penis and testes, and perhaps you don’t need its aphrodisiac effects to let your partner understand what is going on. The ball is in your court now, play it well.

Disclaimer: These potions, charms, scents, and dishes may or may not work out at all, but at the end of the day, everything is all up to you and the one you love. Communication is key to solving even the most complex of problems.

Remember, sexual chemistry is not always there and it should not be the sole foundation of your relationship. There must also be a balance of commitment, understanding, love, and respect towards each other… and of course, the birds and the bees.

Bonus Tip: Did you know that when you look at yourself in the mirror while holding a lighted candle at midnight, you will see the person you will marry? Spoiler alert: You’d end up seeing the most beautiful and awesome person in the world. Just right as rain! And someone who loves you the most and constantly has your back despite the obstacles that life throws at you.

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