Immigration warns foreigners of fake 'immigration service'


July 6, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Immigration on Tuesday clarified that it does not collect “immigration assistance” fees from foreign nationals.

The bureau said this on Tuesday, as it learned of a Philippine-based company allegedly charging fees to its employees for payment to government agencies.

In a statement, BI said Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente obtained a copy of a circulating document showing the breakdown of fees for immigration airport assistance.

The BI chief said they are looking into possible legal actions that may be pursued against the company.

“The company is allegedly charging P5,000 as Airport Assistance Fee, another P5,000 for processing fee and P20,000 for a Department of Foreign Affairs Invitation Letter,” the BI chief said.

He added that the company seems to be “using the name of government agencies to be able to charge such high rates to its employees.”

Morente reminded the public to remain vigilant of such fraudulent acivities. “Be wary of falling prey to these scammers. Immediately report to the authorities if you encounter such modus,” he added.  — Kristine Joy Patag


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