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German vlogger picking up women for views arrested for alleged rape of minor

Coconuts ManilaJanuary 10, 2023

The German vlogger who earned the ire of social media users and even a city mayor for his content, which depict him picking up women on the street and taking them to motels, has been arrested on rape charges against a minor.

Muntinlupa City police apprehended Marcel Messall, known to his viewers as Mr. Pogi German (Mr. Handsome German), after one of the women featured in his videos was revealed to be a minor.

Reports said that the woman, identified as 17-year-old “Ging,” was reportedly duped into going along with Messall’s video script, saying she would be featured in the 24-Hour Jowa (Girlfriend) Challenge, where the creator would attempt to snag a girlfriend within 24 hours.

Yet the final cut of the video showed Ging being depicted as an 18-year-old single mom and a pick-up girl.

“The suspect knew the victim was 17 years old. But for the purpose of the content he informed her to pose as an 18-year-old,” police chief Angel Garcillano said.

“When the suspect uploaded their content, she saw that the video that was uploaded had been different, and the victim was made to look like a pick-up girl.”

Authorities also confirmed that the teen was sexually molested, based on accounts and medical findings.

Yet Messall insisted he did not know Ging was underage.

“I didn’t do anything to her… doing something with the 18-year-old is not bawal (prohibited). Only if minor, diba (right)? If I knew that she’s a minor, I would never ever agree to her, because I’m a mabait (nice) guy,” Messall said.

Messall faces rape charges and violations of the Anti Photo and Voyeurism Act at the Muntinlupa Police Station. Authorities also found out that Messall was overstaying on his visa, which expired in 2019.

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