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Ordinance requires Baguio restos to serve free drinking water

Philippine News AgencyJanuary 13, 2023

BAGUIO CITY – The city council has approved on final reading an ordinance mandating all restaurants and other similar establishments operating here to provide access to free potable water to their customers.

Ordinance 001-2023, which was passed on Monday and is awaiting the approval of the mayor, states that potable water must be made available to customers to avoid expenses and encourage them to drink water.

It mandates food establishments to post signage saying “free service water”.

Those that require customers to serve their own drinking water needs can still be observed.

“The ordinance further directs all food establishments to regularly maintain and clean their water dispensers, water vending machines, and water storage containers,” Councilor Fred Bagbagen, author of the ordinance, said in a text message Friday.

To assure the cleanliness of drinking cups and containers, the City Health Services Office (CHSO) is tasked to conduct inspections in all food establishments.

Among the things that the CHSO should look into during inspection includes a document showing that the water provider of the establishment has an up-to-date water inspection result quality.

Baguio City Council information officer Jordan Habbiling said “this is the first ordinance passed this 2023 after going through the process of public hearing and deliberations by the council.” (PNA)

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