GMA News debunks speculations that Joseph Morong was removed from Palace beat because of a controversial ‘Saksi’ report

LionhearTVJune 29, 2021

GMA News cleared out assumptions that seasoned reporter Joseph Morong’s controversial fact-check report about Duterte’s pandemic response caused him to be removed from the news team assigned to cover Malacañang.

The said fact-check report exhibited the timeline of the current administration’s response to the pandemic.

It was released by ‘Saksi’ in April, following Duterte’s claim that the government has no shortcomings in terms of response. However, the said report was deleted after a while.

soon and will no longer be part of the Palace beat.

Months after being mum about the issue, GMA News released an official statement on June 27, Sunday, to debunk the speculations regarding Morong’s reassignment.

According to GMA News, it was ‘Saksi’ that wrote the report, and Morong was just tasked to deliver it. The report was removed because it did not adhere to its policy of maintaining fairness and balance.

GMA News also explained that reporters’ reassignments are not new, and Morong will stay as the anchor of the online news show ‘Stand for Truth’ despite this.

Netizens and personalities believe that the timeline released on ‘Saksi’ was based on facts so, there is nothing wrong with it.

Recently, with the passing of former President Noynoy Aquino, GMA News recalled Aquino’s shortcomings during his term. With this, their conformance to unbiased news reports was questioned and was pointed out by netizens.

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