Learning made easy via ‘Kanta Basa’ in Iloilo City

Philippine News AgencySeptember 14, 2021

ILOILO CITY – At least 1,000 learners in elementary level under the Schools Division Office (SDO) of Iloilo City could benefit from the “Kanta Basa” (sing-read) strategy developed to make learning enjoyable.

“If they sing, they become familiar with words, they become familiar with the sounds and they can easily pronounce and recognize words,” SDO Iloilo City Superintendent Dr. Ma. Luz De los Reyes said in an interview on Tuesday.

Based on experience, those who sing often can read faster and can pronounce words better, she said.

"Kanta Basa" was piloted in La Paz 1 Elementary School and Iloilo Central Elementary School last year and will now be implemented in 50 public elementary schools in the city this school year 2021-2022.

She said they procured 1,000 USB flash drives to be downloaded with songs that will go along with the learning activity sheets and grade levels of their learners.

Those from Grades 1 to 3 will have songs in Hiligaynon and inspirational songs for the higher grade levels that are put together by their school supervisors and teachers.

Those who are into the modular modality of learning can play the songs using their LED television or gadgets, sing together with their parents as a form of bonding, or in a group of learners where there are available home learning spaces.

Teachers can model the song for those attending online classes.

“Although we are not saying that it is the best strategy, but it is also one way of promoting wellness among children through socialization,” she said.

She added that the division will also implement the strategy in secondary schools because there are learners from high schools who could not read.

"Kanta Basa" is one of the best practices of Western Visayas under the Brigada Pagbasa, a national movement for reading.

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