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Prices of food items in Butuan stable as Christmas Day nears

Philippine News AgencyDecember 22, 2022

BUTUAN CITY – There are no major changes in the prices of farm food products in this city for the Yuletide season, the Department of Agriculture in the Caraga Region (DA-13) said Thursday.

“The monitoring activity was done at the prime market center in Butuan City, particularly the Mayor Salvador Calo Public Market, DA-13 said in a statement Thursday.

A minimal change was recorded in the prices of imported rice in the Calo market with the regular-milled imported rice having an increase of PHP1 from PHP44 per kilo.

Well-milled imported rice, on the other hand, registered a decrease of PHP1 from PHP44 per kilo.

Also, no changes in the prices of the local well-milled and regular-milled commercial rice in the same market this week at PHP45 and PHP38 per kilo, respectively.

For meat products, increases were recorded for pork chop, which is up by PHP20, or from PHP300 to PHP320 per kilo this week, as well as the PHP10 increases in pork ribs and pork pata.
Pork belly remains at PHP360 per kilo while a decrease of PHP10 was also noted in pork ham, or from PHP330 per kilo to PHP320 this week.

No price changes were noted in whole dressed chicken which remains at PHP210 per kilo, the monitoring indicated.

Prices of vegetables such as carrots, beans, and chayote remain at PHP100 and PHP40 per kilo, respectively.

Decreases in the prices of white potatoes were noted from PHP180 to PHP160, and pechay from PHP80 to PHP75 a kilo.

Price increases ranging from PHP10 to PHP15 were also monitored in the prices of ampalaya, eggplant, tomato, and sweet pepper.

However, decreases in prices of squash and cucumber were logged by as much as PHP15 each.

No major changes were observed in the prices of fruits in the Calo market, the monitoring said. (PNA)

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