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Scholarship fair launched in BARMM

Philippine News AgencyAugust 27, 2021

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MANILA – The Bangsamoro Scholars Association (BSA) launched the first BARMM Scholarship Fair in collaboration with the Office of Member of Parliament (MP) Diamila Disimban-Ramos and in partnership with the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) and Office of MP Abdullah Hashim to help applicants of various scholarship programs provided by the regional and national governments, as well as other scholarship-granting institutions.

In a news release on Friday, the office of Ramos said with the theme “Bridging Scholarship Opportunities and the Bangsamoro Youth”, the BARMM Scholarship Fair was simultaneously conducted at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City and at the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao in the MSU-Main Campus in Marawi City on August 21.

In his video message, Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim welcomed everyone to the first-ever BARMM Scholarship Fair.

"To establish a more progressive BARMM, we need more professionals, we need more progressive minds, we need young people to help us in rebuilding our home. With MP Diamila Disimban-Ramos and her team and the Bangsamoro Scholars Association leading this event, I am optimistic that everyone will get the proper orientation of what the Government of the Day offers in hopes of uplifting education in our region, a clear understanding of what we envision for our students, and an appreciation of education as, a tool of changing the norm," Ebrahim said.

Ramos has also discussed the Scholarship Fair with MBHTE Minister Mohagher Iqbal who expressed his support for the BSA and the event, saying that the best investment is in "the education of our youth."

"We hope you will be agents of meaningful change in the region and proponents of moral governance," Iqbal said in his message during the fair delivered by Mobarak Pandi, head of the MBHTE Information and Communication Division.

"Through education, we hope to produce proficient, resourceful, and dependable professionals who exemplify moral values and the willingness to protect the general welfare of the people. Thank you again for your trust and support. Let us continue working together towards providing quality, inclusive, and relevant education to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao so that no Bangsamoro learner will be left behind," he added.

"Malaking tulong po (The BSA is a big help) not just in my office, the Information and Communication Division, (but) also in the Ministry for helping us deliver the right information and accurate data to our Bangsamoro scholars. So maraming, maraming salamat po (Thank you very much)," Pandi said.

In his message of support to the BARMM Scholarship Fair, MP Abdullah Hashim, who co-sponsored the event, stressed the importance of scholarships.

"Scholarships are meant to create equal opportunity for higher education. With the help of scholarships, we can ensure that the Bangsamoro youth, regardless of their socio-economic background, ethnicity, or religion, has access to good quality education. Through my experience as a beneficiary of a scholarship myself, I understand its significance and the impact it can have in the lives of those who may otherwise have no means to pursue a college diploma," Hashim said.

Member of Parliament and MOST Minister Aida Silongan also graced the event via her video message, sharing about the Ministry of Science and Technology's Bangsamoro Assistance for Science Education or BASE Scholarship Program, a cash assistance program offering PHP8,000 monthly allowance to qualified incoming first-year college students taking science and technology academic programs, subject to the ministry's requirements.

"You need to focus on your goal. Do not look in any direction but ahead. Successful people are not gifted. They work hard then succeed on purpose. Just continue growing. You must develop and improve your skills. Learn and acquire more knowledge and ideas day by day," Silongan said in her inspirational message during the Scholarship Fair.

The highlight of the Scholarship Fair is the virtual and health protocol-compliant assistance to scholarship applicants.

Hotlines, online support, and assistance desks have been set up in the venues manned by volunteers of the BSA, most of whom are scholars who want to give back to the community and help the Bangsamoro government in providing the right information and guidance on scholarships. The same is also being arranged by the BSA in the Special Geographic Area, consisting of 63 barangays (villages) in North Cotabato, and the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.

The assistance to scholarship applicants will run until September.

In Marawi City, Executive Director, Dr. Acram A. Latiph, of the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao, who was himself a recipient of scholarship programs, delivered his inspirational message as the guest speaker for the BARMM Scholarship Fair held in the city.

The BARMM Scholarship Fair featured MBHTE's Access to Higher and Modern Education Scholarship Program (AHME-SP) and the MOST's BASE Scholarship Program, as well as international scholarship opportunities presented by the executive director of the Moro International Student Association, Datu Abdul Shattar Zailon.

"A total of more than 20 universities in Turkey have admitted scholars from the Bangsamoro region. The government of Turkey is offering a lot of scholarships for the Bangsamoro people... to help us build our nation again," Zailon said. "Like what I have said to my brother Sayeed, the Moro International Students Association is fully committed to supporting the Bangsamoro Scholars Association."

Ramos praised the BSA for the display of volunteerism by its members, stressing also that by helping others, “we are actually helping ourselves.”

"We get to develop our empathy and concern for the community. We get to develop our communication skills, our social skills, and our leadership skills. We get to develop ourselves as responsible members of our society. And we create a positive impact, and in return, people will readily support us and give us the respect and recognition we deserve," she said.

She further reiterated her continued support for the BSA, which is "doing a great service in the Bangsamoro" and is "helping the Bangsamoro government in reaching out to our constituents and in providing them the services they so deserve."

The BSA's main purpose is to serve and help provide access to opportunities and guidance to the Bangsamoro Youth who will become the future leaders, public servants, entrepreneurs, and human resources that will work towards the development of the Bangsamoro region and communities. (PR)

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