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700 Army personnel in Caraga undergo 2-day proficiency tests

Philippine News AgencyAugust 18, 2021

BUTUAN CITY – Around 700 Army personnel from the Army's 402nd, 401st, and 901st Infantry Brigades in Caraga Region are now undergoing two-day proficiency examinations.

The examination is in preparation for the promotion of enlisted personnel from the different Army units in the Caraga Region.

“We are hosting this year’s proficiency examination for our enlisted personnel in the region,” said Capt. Jonald Romorosa, the civil-military operation officer of 402nd Infantry Brigade, in an interview on Wednesday.

Romorosa added that more than 700 enlisted personnel failed to get the proficiency examinations last year due to the pandemic.

“They were not also promoted last year because of their lack of proficiency exams caused by the health crisis,” Romorosa said.

The examinations are being conducted by the Army Personnel Management Center (APMC) from the Headquarters of the Philippine Army in Fort Bonifacio.

"The APMC personnel came here at the brigade to conduct these examinations. We are very thankful for their efforts for our enlisted personnel to get these exams,” Romorosa said.

Most of the examinees are personnel with the ranks of Private, Private First Class, Corporal, and Sergeant.

Health protocols, he said,  are being observed during the conduct of the examinations.

“The examinees are called by batches and they already have their designated rooms to take the exams. We also provided separate areas for those who are waiting for their turn to take the tests,” Romorosa said. (PNA)

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